Thursday, October 31, 2013

Kid Friendly Meals - What Every Mom Needs To Know

When it comes to feeding our kids, there is a lot of debate and stress regarding this topic from the time kids are young. New moms end up debating whether they should bottle feed or breast feed. As kids grow, you wonder if they are eating too much food or if they are eating enough. Sometimes it can become quite a chore to make sure kids are getting the right amount of nutrients, especially when you are dealing with kids that have a limited food repertoire. Kids are known for being very picky, but this does not mean that you need to start limiting the foods that they eat.While it may seem easier to stick with packaged foods because media outlets advertise that kids love them, this is not the best option for your kids. Kid friendly meals do not have to be fish sticks or chicken nuggets. It is possible to make healthy meals that are still kid friendly as well. Do not allow the media to influence what your kids are eating - make sure you are making those choices yourself to ensure they have a healthy diet.It is important to realize that kid friendly meals are all about what families prefer. You do not have to conform to what others say are kid friendly meals. Every family is a bit different and you will find that kids raised in families that have a wide range of foods available usually have a wide range of foods that they really enjoy. Simply offering various healthy foods on a regular basis is what gets kids eating foods on a regular basis, so realize that your family preference will end up influencing what kids end up eating.When you are working to make kid friendly meals, always make it a goal to expand the palates of your children. Just because the media proclaims that chicken nuggets are the answer and that kids hate veggies, you do not have to allow this to define the eating habits of your children. On a regular basis, work to add in different foods for your kids to try. It is nice to try something new once a week. Even if kids say they do not like the food, keep trying. Kids often need to be exposed to foods a few times before they end up starting to like the food.Watermelon Breakfast Salad Recipe Getting plenty of fruits and veggies into your children is definitely important. Most kids enjoy fruit, so start making kid friendly meals that incorporate fruits into them. One idea for a great breakfast that is filled with healthy ingredients is a watermelon breakfast salad. It is easy to make and is sweet enough that kids are sure to enjoy it.What You'll Need:½ watermelon, cut into squares
1/3 cup of honey
5 cups of granola
1 cup of Greek yogurt, vanilla, or lemon
2-3 kiwis, sliced
Red grapes, cut in half for a garnishHow to Make It:Cut watermelon into bite sizes squares and split among four bowls. In a bowl, combine together honey and granola. Top watermelon with granola and honey mixture. Add a couple slices of kiwi to each bowl. Top with yogurt and garnish with the grape halves.