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A Little Help On The Road To Talking with Baby Sign Language

From the moment your baby is born, they begin to learn language skills from the people and environment around them. They slowly go through various stages of language development from babbling to gesturing until they finally develop speech. This final stage of language development is acquired through your baby listening to people talk, talking to others and also playing with sounds and words.So how can you as a parent help your baby on the road to talking?By introducing baby sign language into your home you can assist with your baby's language development and vocabulary building. Baby sign language helps bridge the gap of communication for parents by enabling pre-verbal babies to communicate using basic sign language.Baby sign language can help your baby's receptive and expressive language skills. Receptive skills are where your baby begins to understand what they are hearing. These receptive skills then later develop onto expressive skills or speech.To help encourage speech:- Talk to your baby.Talk to your baby frequently and make sure that you speak slowly as this will allow your baby the opportunity to listen to the words you are saying and the sounds you are making.- Focus on single words from your baby's everyday life.Baby sign language can help as you introduce one key word and sign at a time from your baby's environment such as eat, drink, milk, more etc.- Use a variety of other words.While focusing on the keywords that are important in your baby's life don't forget to use a variety of other words around your baby to help expand their understanding of their environment.- Wait for responses from your baby.Give them a chance to "talk" back, listen to the sounds they make as they try to communicate. Also watch for those early gestures as they try to imitate signs you have introduced to them.- Encourage their efforts.As they begin to express new sounds imitate these sounds back to them and praise them for their attempts.- Listen to your baby.When playing and talking with your baby listen to them and what they are trying to communicate to you, the same as you would in an adult conversation.- Play with your baby.Use games such as hiding games or peek-a-boo to encourage actions, facial expressions and sounds.- Read to your baby.Use books with bright colours and pictures. As your baby develops, their interests in books change. To find out more information on early literacy visit Sing to your baby.Have a list of songs that you sing regularly to your baby. Singing traditional nursery rhymes that make you repeat words over and over may be a tedious task for you but it is great for your baby's learning.- Develop your baby's hearing skills.Point out sounds to your baby as they occur such as a dog barking, the doorbell ringing, a car starting or a plane flying by.Most babies' begin on the road to talking between 12 and 18 months of age. Once this occurs, your baby will be constantly adding to their vocabulary and by the age of two and a half, will begin joining words together. Baby developmental guidelines for baby's from one month to 24 months can be viewed here When Should I Seek Help Concerning My Baby's Language Development?As highlighted by Speech Pathology Australia on their website, here are some pointers to look out for if you are considering seeking help concerning your baby's language development:- your baby does not seem to listen to you, enjoy sounds or respond to them- your baby has difficulty sucking, chewing, swallowing or biting- your baby isn't using real words by 18 months of age- your toddler is frustrated by not being able to speak to others- your toddler has trouble understanding what you say- your toddler stutters- your toddler has an unusual voice, for example it sounds husky- your toddler isn't trying to make sentences by two and a half years.As a parent you play a very important role in your baby's language development. By using any of the points mentioned above you can actively assist in your baby's language learning and help your baby on the road to verbal communication.

Incorporate Creativity In Your Baby Shower Invitation Ideas

Incorporating creativity in your baby shower invitation ideas will set you apart from others and will prepare the stage for a wonderful pregnancy celebration. The baby shower invitations are an expression of your intense desire to cordially invite your friends and relatives to the baby shower party. As such, these invitations should reflect your intense emotions to invite your near and dear ones to come to the baby shower and share your happiness. You can base your baby shower invitation ideas on the theme that you might have selected for the party. There are many other ideas for the same and some of them are being enumerated below.Baby Bassinet IdeaBaby shower invitations based on baby bassinets are one of the most attractive baby shower invitation ideas. The invitation for the baby shower is decorated with baby bassinet that has a baby inside it. This works for both boys and girls but if twins are expected, then you can use two baby bassinets.Baby Bib IdeaUsing the baby bib is also a great baby shower invitation idea. The invitation can be made in the shape of a baby bib and this invitation can be used for both boys and girls.Baby Blocks IdeaThis is one of those baby shower invitation ideas that use baby blocks of alphabets and numerals for decorating the invitations. These invitations can be used for both girls and boys.Baby Bottle IdeaYou can use any item connected with a baby to make the invitation. A baby bottle would also be a great baby shower invitation idea. The invitations could be made in the shape of a baby bottle or the invitation edges could be decorated with petite baby bottles.Stork IdeaTraditionally, the stork is depicted as bringing the newborn baby. As such, this is a great baby shower invitation idea. You can find plenty of such invitation cards in the stores and you can select the cards that have pictures of a stork delivering a baby. Such an invitation card can be further decorated by you and you can add a cute caption and your personal touch in the form of a loving message.Lovely AnimalsBabies love cute animals such as furry teddy bears or small dogs. As such baby shower invitations in the forms of these animals would be a great idea. Small furry teddy bears, dogs, ducks or butterflies can be placed on the invitations for decorating the same.In general, any item connected with a baby would be an excellent idea for incorporating in an invitation card for a baby shower. These items could be any of the following: burp cloth, bib, basket, towel, diapers, baby bottles, nipples, bottle cleaners etc. If you know the sex of the baby, you should use blue color for a male baby and pink color for a female baby. If you do not know the sex, you can use neutral colors like yellow and green.There are many baby shower invitation ideas that you can incorporate in the invitations but using your creativity will enhance the effect greatly.

Babies and Pets

Babies and pets require some preparation in order for the combination to work well.A large number of pets are taken to the shelters when they're family members find out that they are expecting a child. It is very sad for the pet and for the family to relinquish a favored family member because a new arrival is expected. In most cases it is not necessary to give your pet away just because you are expecting a baby.With a little effort and patience the transition can be made and all members of the family can remain intact.One of the first things you, as your pet's care giver has to remember is, your pet has been "your baby" for a good while and has enjoyed all of your attention. The new baby is certainly going to diminish the amount of time you have to give your cat or dog.So what do you do?Start the "weaning" process as soon as you are aware that there is going to be a new arrival. Cats and dogs thrive on routine. Routine is what makes their world go round and it is up to you to gradually change the routine to accommodate the new routine you will have with the baby. Your pet needs and thrives on your attention, but it does not need it 24/7. Gradually reduce the amount of time you spend pampering your pet. I am not saying stop giving your cat or dog, pets, pats and time; I am saying "tone" it down a little.A great way to give your pet attention without having to stop what you are doing is to talk to your cat or dog. Our pets love the sound of our voices and if you repeat your pet's name and just talk about what you are doing, you pet will feel it is getting the attention it wants.Sounds silly, doesn't it?Just think about it for a minute, you can talk to your pet while changing the baby, feeding the baby, bathing the baby, rocking the baby and just plain holding the baby. You can do all those things and not have to stop to pet or pat, and your pet will feel satisfied. It won't hurt to toss your dog a treat or two during the whole process and that will add more pleasure to the experience.The secret here is to plan ahead. Cats and dogs rely on their sense of smell and their hearing. So, during that 9-month waiting period, you are going to give their noses and ears some new smells and sounds to hear.Babies smell and look different then grownups, they don't smell like dogs or cats, they smell like babies. The plan here is you are going to invest in some baby oil and baby powder, which you will from time to time rub on your hands and let your pet smell them. It wouldn't hurt to rub some on towel and put the towel within reach of your dog or cat's nose. Do not, however, allow your dog to drag it around. That's a "no, no." All you want to do it make your pet aware of the smell.Having a baby means "new" furniture. Whether you are buying new or getting furniture from family or friends, start bringing it in. Allow your pet to smell it and get used to its presence. All the while this is happening talk to your pet about the "baby."There are tapes available of baby sounds, crying, gooing and all the other sounds, babies make, buy or borrow one, so your "kids" get used to the sounds babies make.If your pet is a dog, a good idea is to buy or borrow a fairly life sized doll. Dress it in some baby clothes, carry it around the house, talk to it and your dog, go through all the motions you would be going through if it were your new baby.I would start doing this as your time is getting nearer as it will get your pet used to the new routine. If you don't feel silly, try taking your "baby" out in the carriage or stroller and having your dog walk with you.What we are trying to avoid here is jealousy. Some dogs are possessive and will get jealous. If you while you are awaiting the arrival of your baby, take the time and have the patience to go through all these motions, your dog will be used to having the baby around, and it will not be so threatening to him/her.Here are a few more things to consider if your pet is a dog: Make certain that you provide some "one on one" time for just you and your pet. Remember this was the baby for a good while before the "real baby" came along. Dogs and cats are creatures of routine. If you are gong to change the place where they eat, sleep or have their toys, DO IT ahead of time. Do not wait until a few days before you are to give birth. If your dog has not been obedience trained, now is the time to go to obedience school. You will be so glad you did. You need your dog to obey your commands. Expose your dog to as many babies and/or toddlers as you can. Always keep a leash on your dog when it encounters the little ones. This way you have control inside the house or outside the house. Be certain to give your dog praise and treats when he/she behaves well around a child. Do not lose your patience with your dog if he/she doesn't seem too happy around children. Keep calm, do not yell or scream at your dog. By keeping calm, giving treats and praise, you can try again and eventually, your dog will realize babies are okay. Babies do not look like "big humans" and your dog may be frightened of them. Let the dog be in your baby's room with you, give it a special place to sit or lie down (this is where obedience school fits in) and expect him/her to stay there. If at all possible before you bring the baby home, have someone bring a blanket, hat, towel or anything else that has the baby's scent on it for the dog to smell. When you are coming home with the baby have someone else carry the little one in and you give your dog your full attention. It is important that you greet your dog just as you normally would if you left the house and came home. Let your dog smell the baby, if he/she barks and starts to carry on have someone take the dog and put it either in its crate or in another room to calm down. Above all do not let anyone yell, hit or scream at the dog. BE CALM and give the dog another try in a little while.This is a new member of the pack; the baby is an extremely new concept for the dog to acknowledge. The baby looks like nothing your dog has seen in the household before. Keep in mind your dog is a dog and not a person that understands English or babies.Get a large amount of treats to have on hand, as it is necessary to make a big fuss every time your dog behaves appropriately toward the baby. Keep a leash on the dog in the house; let him/her drag it around. The leash gives you control.Do not exclude your dog from the family and the baby. Do not put an "inside' dog outside or in another room just because you have the baby. It is important for the dog and baby to form a bond and a bond will never form if you treat the dog as a second class citizen and banish it away.NEVER and I mean NEVER leave the dog and your baby alone together. No matter how good the dog is with the baby. You will never know what motion or sound the baby makes that might excite the dog and it may attack.Any dog attack on a child that you read about in the paper will have these words, "the child was on a swing or playing "alone" in the yard with the dog," we just don't know what happened. Believe it or not, it was not the dog's fault; it was the parents or the caregivers.You will never know what provokes the attack, but most likely the child did something innocently that upset the dog. You are the adult and the one with the intelligence use it.The preparation for the baby when you have a cat is very similar to that of a dog. If your cat is an "indoors only" kitty it will take some time and patience, indoor/outdoor cats other than being curious have a life of their own.This doesn't mean you should suddenly put kitty outside because of the baby, especially if the cat is "declawed."Cats live in a smell and hearing world just like dogs, only I think smell is more important to cats. So it is up to you to do the baby powder and baby oil routine on your hands? Play the sounds from the baby tape; only for cats start out softly and increase volume a little at a time.Bring in the furniture and allow kitty to climb and smell it.If possible bring in friends with babies and small children, more than likely kitty will run and hide, but give it a try. Make certain kitty has a place to escape to. Prepare a sanctuary for kitty before hand so the cat has had time to get used to it.Put all the "old wives" tales of cats sucking out a baby's breath or laying on a baby to smother it out of your mind. I have lived a long time and never have I heard of a cat that did either of those things. Yes, a cat will get into the crib, but usually only after the baby has left it and the spot is "warm." Cats love warm spaces. Let kitty smell the baby things.Keep a diaper pail tightly covered as female cats have an inborn instinct to clean up after their kittens and kitty may try to help you by helping to clean the diapers.One helpful hint in helping keep kitty calm is spraying the baby gate; door and doorjamb to the baby's room with Feliway, a wonderful product that will help keep kitty calm. In fact I would spray the furniture and the stroller just as an added measure. Feliway can be purchased at pet stores and on the Internet.If you are concerned about toxoplasmosis, which is a rare disease in the United States. HEAR THIS it can be avoided. True it can be found in the feces of cats. The cats can get it from infected raw meat, wild birds, mice or contaminated soil. If YOU were to get it, you would have to eat the cat's feces or put your fingers in your mouth after cleaning the litter box. You could also get it from eating and handling raw meat.So what do your do?Wear rubber or latex gloves when: gardening or cleaning the litter box. Avoid handling raw meat or eating uncooked meat. Wash all cutting boards and counters that may have come into contact with raw meat. Feed your cat a good commercial cat food and stop worrying.If you practice cleanliness and feed kitty well, so that it will not go out hunting, all should be well.If you have not had your cat or dog neutered or spayed this is the time to do it. Animals that have been neutered or spayed make better pets, will not have raging hormones and will behave better.The truth is, if you are calm, take necessary precautions, and treat your pets, as members of the family all should be well.This may all sound like a great deal of work, when one quick trip to the animal shelter would settle the matter, but is that what you really want to do?All these things can be done within the 9 month time frame, slowly and with good results if you take your time, be patient and use common sense.Good luck and enjoy your baby and your pet!

Baby Slings - Why You Need One

Looking for a great first baby carrier? Then consider one of the best things ever to happen to modern parenthood - a baby sling.A baby sling is a baby carrier made out of fabric that wraps around the wearer's body from his or her shoulder to the opposite hip and back up to the shoulder, creating a pocket for the baby to sit or lie down. Very common in many cultures around the world, the use of baby slings, or "baby wearing" as it is sometimes called, is gaining popularity in the United States as parents are realizing the many benefits associated with baby slings.Benefits of Baby Slingso Baby slings are "hands-free." They allow your baby to be with you at all times when you are running errands or tending to chores around the house.o The baby finds comfort in the sling environment which simulates the pressure, motion and warmth sensations they experienced before birth in the womb.o Slings are great bonding tools for fathers, grandparents and other caregivers.o Slings may aid in reducing crying and colic, and lower the baby's stress hormones.o Slings often make it easier to nurse in public.o A baby sling can be used for newborns and babies up to 35 lbs.One of the more popular types of baby slings is the pouch sling, also referred to as the tube or pocket sling, where the baby is carried in a semi-prone position. This type of sling often fits around one arm, with baby hanging at about stomach level. There are other types of slings which can be worn like a backpack, with the baby facing in or facing out.Using a baby sling is often more convenient than trying to carry your baby around in his or her car seat, and much easier on the back. A baby sling also provides a great way to carry your baby around if you don't want to pack a bulky stroller.Padded or Unpadded?Padded or unpadded, that is the question many parents must decide, and there are pros and cons to both. Many parents like padded slings because they give their baby's head some support, and feels more comfortable on the shoulders. Many parents dislike padded slings because they feel padding makes the sling too bulky, and keeps the sling from being adjusted very tightly because the padding won't move through the rings. They also like unpadded slings because they are more easily shared between two people of different sizes. One option would be to choose a lightly padded baby sling which gives support to the baby's head, yet lightly padded enough to slip through the rings.Popular Brands of Baby SlingsPopular brands of baby slings include Maya Wrap, The Peanut Shell, Moby Wrap, and Hotslings, and will generally cost in the neighborhood of $35 to $70. For hot summer days you might want to check out slings made out of Solarveil(TM) , a breathable material with UV protection, blocking out 95% of the sun's harmful rays. You can also use the Solarveil (TM) sling in the pool, shower or beach.Baby Sling TipsWhen using baby slings, it's important to keep the following in mind:o A baby sling should not be used instead of a car seat or other infant protection device.o Do wear your baby in a carrier while cooking at the stove or oven, as there is the risk of hot substances splashing on your baby.o Always keep one hand on your baby when bending over, to prevent your baby from accidentally falling out.o Remember that babies can be bumped by doorways or sharp corners, so be aware of those things while walking with your baby.

Baby Blankets For Your Baby's Comfort

Baby blankets are essential for the wellbeing of newborn babies because they are still not fully developed and as such are prone to catching cold and getting infected with virus and diseases easily. The babies need to be protected all the time and wrapping a blanket is the best way of taking care of your baby. You should also make sure that the blanket provide sufficient warmth and be soft on the baby's tender skin. Moreover, it should be lightweight so that it does not exert too much pressure on the child.Baby Blankets Made Of Fleece Are Ideal Fleece baby blankets answer all the requirements as stipulated above. They provide the right amount of warmth and coziness to the baby and are soft to touch. Fleece is very light and is available in many colors. The babies remain comfortable in fleece baby blankets for a long period of time. These blankets are relatively inexpensive and are ideal for being given as gifts for newborn babies. It's also possible to give a personal touch to these baby blankets when you are giving them as gifts by writing the baby's name and its date of birth.As compared to woolen or woven blankets, baby blankets made from fleece provide greater warmth and comfort to babies. The main reason is that fleece soaks up moisture and keeps the babies dry.Fleece Blankets Look Smart And Are More Durable Besides looking smart because they are available in many colors, fleece baby blankets are also very durable. They might look thin and be soft to touch but they have plenty of durability because fleece is a long lasting polyester fabric. These blankets can be washed repeatedly without any sign of wear and tear. Moreover, since they dry quickly, they are an essential part of a baby's trousseau.Buy Or Make? Either fleece baby blankets can be bought from the market or you can make them at home. You can buy the fleece material, cut it to the size that you want and then stitch the periphery with a different colored thread. During the pregnancy period, an expectant mother can do some handwork on the baby blanket to give it a personal touch.If you don't want to make it, you can buy it along with other baby products. Naturally, buying will be a more expensive option although some fabrics cost almost as much as buying a new baby blanket.Baby blankets are sort of replacements for the warmth of the womb when the baby is born. It was cozy inside the mother's stomach but when it comes out it has to face the harsh realities of life, especially the weather. So, make it cozier outside. A baby blanket will give it the warmth and the tight wrap that it deserves.Feeling Of Satisfaction When you have a fleece baby blanket wrapped around your baby, you'll have the satisfaction of knowing that the baby is comfortable, safe and cozy much in the same way that it was before its birth. What a great feeling of satisfaction! So if you are expecting a new addition to your family, you should just go across to the nearest department store and buy a fleece baby blanket.

Express Your Joy With Baby Gift

You can express your happiness and show that you care when you give a baby gift at a celebration for the arrival or for the impending arrival of a baby. There are many types of baby gifts that are available and buying a baby gift is as much fun as difficult to choose the perfect baby gift. Given below are a few practical tips to help you in choosing a gift.Cost Should Not Be The Guiding FactorExpressing your love and care does not mean that you have to buy the costliest gift that you can find in the market. On the other hand, you should look at the practical use of the gift. If the gift is useful for the baby on a daily basis, it will prove to be a perfect baby gift. Items like bibs, booties, clothes, milk bottles and baby's linen are ideal examples of such gifts as they will be used everyday and they will remind the mother of the person who has given the baby gift. You should always look for such practical gifts.Toys And Play ItemsWhile buying a baby gift, you can consider buying play items such as rattles, tethers and mobiles. You can also look for such play gifts that would involve the parents also so that the baby develops a special bond with the parents. The baby's development will get a boost with the help of such play gifts. You can also look for toys that are education-based so that the baby gets to learn alphabets and numbers while playing with them.Other Useful itemsThere are many other items that can prove to be very useful as a baby gift both for the baby and the parents. Apart from being extremely useful for the baby, items such as cradles or cribs are very helpful to the parents as well. They can save much-needed money as the parents won't have to buy these essential items. You can also think of gifting the accessories of these items.There is no better gift than a personalized gift as it shows your concern for the other person. You have to think of an item that will remind the recipient of your care all the time. For example, a baby basket can be prepared with essential items for the baby such as oils, soaps, diapers, creams and lotions, bottles, spoons, toys, sweaters, booties and cups. You should wrap the basket neatly and decorate it very well. You can also consider giving a basket full of gifts for the mother as she must be passing through a difficult pregnancy period and deserves your care and concern.A baby shower is all about celebrating the pregnancy of the would-be mother and the impending arrival of the baby. When you are invited to such a party, it is essential for you to express your love and good wishes for the mother and the baby. The best way to do so is to think of an ideal baby gift that would prove to be useful to both the baby and the parents. In some countries, baby gifts are given in the form of cash. This proves to be very helpful to parents as the money comes in vary handy at crucial times of pregnancy.

Baby Shower Gift Ideas - Look For Practical Items

There is absolutely no dearth of choices as far as baby shower gift ideas are concerned. However, you need to base your decision on the practicality and usefulness of the baby shower gifts and you should make sure that the gifts selected by you would be useful to the parents-to-be as soon as the baby is born. Given below are a few common and time-tested baby shower gift ideas.Baby ClothesThere are several items of clothing that are required by a baby as soon as it enters this world. You can select many practical items such as undershirts, sleepers, blankets, diapers, socks etc. However, you must select only such types that are easy to put on and remove from the baby. There shouldn't be many buttons or snaps as these can be annoying at times for parents.Baby Health ItemsSince the health of the baby is of paramount importance, baby shower gift ideas in the field of health products would be ideal. You have a large choice in this field as you can find many such items in the stores. Such gifts include baby wipes, baby powder, q-tips, lotion, baby safety pins, scissors, nail file, baby thermometer, diapers and diaper bags, and hydrogen peroxide used to clean the umbilical cord.Baby Feeding ItemsOne of the most practical baby shower gift ideas is to give baby feeding products. There are many such items to choose from, such as feeding spoon, bottles, bibs, baby formula, bottle holders, bottlebrush set, bottle sterilizers, breast pump, tipper cup, nipples, baby burp towels, bathrobes and plastic baby dishes. You should include plenty of similar brushes if you are including a bottle brush set. The feeding items could also include emergency baby food or formula supplies.Bath ProductsYou should also consider bath products as baby shower gift ideas because they would be very useful baby shower gifts. Some of these items could include towels with hoods, baby lotions, soaps, shampoos, baby brushes, bath toys, washcloths, anti skid bathtubs, baby bath supports, etc. When you choose bath toys, you should make sure that you should only choose those toys that are appropriate for the age of the baby.Baby Room ProductsThe other great baby shower gift ideas include baby room products. In this category, you can look for items such as wall pictures, stuffed animals, nursery lamp, dresser, changing table, piggy bank, bouncy seats, furniture, picture frame, ceramic items with the baby's initials and gift certificates. You can also look for various types of toys that might be of interest to the baby.The pregnancy of the mother-to-be needs to be celebrated as it is an important phase in the lives of the parents-to-be. Baby shower is such an occasion when the friends and relatives are invited to be a part of the pregnancy celebrations and they bring with them baby shower gifts for expressing their happiness and congratulating the expectant mother. You should try to devise unique baby shower gift ideas so that the gifts that you give are useful to the parents as well as to the baby. They will always remember you when they use your gifts.

Tender Baby Care

Tender baby care is an important part in family lifestyles. Parents should try to assess their child, if their child is shy? If the child is uncomfortable in a large group of children? Does the child need to practice school habits such as taking turns, sitting and listening?If you have problems with tender baby care, you can get information about tender baby care from this site.Everyone can get all information about child care from this site. Parents can get information from it that How to take care of the children and infants?You might be wondering how to do a tender baby care? As parents, the focus of your pregnancy is just the delivery and labor until the birth of your child. You may be working on the nursery or having a baby shower. But the reason for all of this, is just the preparation of the big moment for the coming of the newborn in the world. If we notice it's not rare for parent's to get home from the hospital with the baby and panic for everything. In the following sections of articles, we will cover the basic training on how to take care of baby.Tender Baby Care- Tip #1Caring for the baby begins from the day he/she was born. It's the time to know what to expect from your baby and what your baby wants from you. We will cover the importance or the value of responsibilities of the new parents in caring a new baby. It also includes the supply you give to your baby and the basic requirements of the baby.Do you know provide tender baby care when he/she needs a diaper change? Handling and diapering your baby is the most basic task of the new parent. In handling the baby we will focus on the anxieties and fears of the parent in picking up and holding the baby. In diapering or dressing your baby we will cover the simple rules on how to change the diapers and also the advantage and disadvantage of both the disposable and cloth diapers.We will also cover the sleeping issues when it comes to newborns. It takes a lot of commitment in taking tender care of baby, it includes the sleeping positions of the baby, how long they sleep and how often they sleep. We will also discuss on the articles about helping our babies to stop from crying and how to comfort them. It also includes some of the causes of crying. It includes like hunger, tiredness, pains or some common illness of the baby. The focus of this articles are ways on how to comfort the crying babies.We will also be discussing in our article about "Tender Baby Care" the bath time of the baby. It includes, how to bath the baby and we give some tips on what to use and what to do for your baby during bath time. In this section, we will also be giving you ideas about burping babies, teething of babies, food of babies, equipments use for feeding the babies and many more topics about a healthy caring of your baby.

How to Economize On Baby Clothes

The sheer excitement of having a baby prompts everyone to spend lavishly on baby clothes for the new arrival but the fun is short lived as even the costliest of clothes become small for the fast-growing baby in a few months' time. The baby might have worn these expensive clothes only a few times before it outgrows them and then it's time for shopping for baby clothes again. Most people cannot afford to spend repeatedly every few months for buying baby clothes. It's important that you plan out this aspect of buying baby clothes so that you do not waste money and your baby gets the best of clothes. A few useful tips are given below:Avoid Buying Tight-Fitting ClothesSince you know that babies grow very fast, you should not buy perfect fitting baby clothes as these will become unsuitable for the baby in a very short time. The best thing to do is to buy larger sized baby clothes as you will be able to use them for a longer period of time.Buy Easy To Wear Baby ClothesYou can make your life easier if you buy baby clothes that are easy to wear. You won't have to struggle when you try to put the clothes on your baby and there will be less wear and tear also. Moreover, you should avoid shopping for baby clothes that are in several pieces and need to be buttoned from behind or pulled over the head. You should opt for baby clothes that are made in a single piece and are open from the front and have snap buttons or zippers. This will make life much easier for mothers who might just have recovered from pregnancy complications.Look Out For Clearance Racks And Genuine SalesA great way of saving money when you are buying baby clothes is to look out for clearance racks where you can get some great deals with cheap maternity clothes. Sometimes, you can get a huge discount on the prices of baby clothes merely because of a very minor manufacturing problem that just doesn't matter at all. Moreover, you should wait for the mega sales that are a regular feature at most stores and this is where you can pick up some fantastic deals.Disposing Off Old Clothes For CashSometimes it is possible to exchange the old clothes of your baby for cash but the amount of money that you will receive will be minuscule. However, something is always better than nothing.Accepting Old Clothes from OthersThere is no harm in accepting old clothes from friends and relatives. Mostly these clothes are in good shape, having been used very scarcely since the child might not have gotten the opportunity to wear them. There is no shame involved in accepting well-meant presents from others and you can save a lot of money in the bargain. As it is, even your baby might outgrow these clothes very soon.There is no doubt that everyone wants that his/her baby to appear smart in the latest baby clothes and it is essential that you should also work towards that objective. However, it must be remembered that baby clothes need not be expensive in order to look smart and attractive. It's the way you maintain your baby and her clothes that really matters.

Baby Cribs and Baby Accessories - Decorating Ideas For the Baby Room Or the Baby Nursery

At least two months before the delivery of the baby, you should be busy with preparing the nursery room. It is towards the later stage of your pregnancy when you will get tired more easily, and thus it is good for you to prepare the nursery room earlier.Another important point to realise is that preparing for the arrival of the baby is not a one time thing. Preparing for the arrival of the baby involves buying diapers, milk bottles, baby cribs, baby strollers, beddings, toys, even the digital thermometer and baby clothes, and an never ending list of other things for the baby. Each purchase takes time because there are decisions to be made in selecting the best things for the baby. Once the baby accessories are purchased, you need to put them in the proper place in the nursery room, which is going to be a very important place in the house.How then should you decorate the baby nursery room?There is tremendous joy in putting up a nursery room as each baby item in the nursery takes its place, and the entire nursery takes form into a proper place for the new baby.The most important considerations for decorating the nursery room are to ensure that the items in the room are safe for the baby and that there are no items or placement that jeopardise the safety and the health of the baby. Any decoration must enhance the nursery as the place of comfort and rest for the baby as he or she grows in stature and in time.Let me share with you some easy to implement but very important ideas:1. The nursery room is the special place of the new born baby who will grow. So any decorations and baby items must be purchased with a view of providing the best opportunities for a baby to sleep and to grow. In other words, it is important that items like baby cribs must be purchased with a short term viewpoint that the baby will soon outgrow the crib when he is around 2 to 3 years old. At the same time, any of his bedding will need to be replaced as he outgrows the crib and will need a proper children bed. There is simply no need to purchase the most expensive crib available, but it is important to purchase the most functional bed as befitting his age and growth.2. Functional considerations means bedding material must be of materials that are easily washed, cleaned and ironed. Baby like color fabrics, and so bright colors will add a new glow to the nursery room. Unless you can lower the restraining sides of a baby crib and use the bed as a changing place for the baby, you might need to purchase a separate desk or changing table with ample space for to place the baby during changing of nappies or wiping the baby.3. Babies like toys and baby items that dangle in front of them to provide them with lots of amusement and fun. You can place a mobile or bright colored pictures hanging off the top of the crib or attached to the side of the crib where he can try to reach out to play with it. This can also help train the motor reflexes and coordination of the baby as well.4. Consider calming colors and pictures in the nursery. It is usual to see lots of lovely pictures of smiling babies in the nursery and generally an avoidance of yellow colors which seems to distress the baby. Calming colors such as light blue or green are many times preferred. The important thing to remember is that a baby is constantly in a stage of growth, and colors chosen should be able to last for a certain period of the baby's growth or age, so that while changing of colors might be necessary, very frequent changes in the nursery room colors are to be avoided, as each change induces stress to the baby who will need time to get accustomed to newer colors in the surroundings.5. Improve the quality of the room. For example, you can help improve the quality of the air in the nursery by fitting in an ioniser and an air filter to ensure the air quality is the best, and that impurities in the air are filtered off. Also ensure that while you might be cleaning the room often, avoid the use of chemicals as much as possible, as undue chemical exposure might be detrimental to a young child later on in life. There are many auto immune diseases that are considered idiopathic or unexplained causes which are attributed to one time exposure of chemicals during a child's young life when his immune system is weak and still developing. Another item to consider is the use of air conditioner during the hotter summer months.Decorating the nursery room for a baby involves a lot of thinking and planning, and transcends the use of themes, styles, colors and structure. The important thing is to ensure everything is in harmony with each other, so that the baby can be most comfortable staying in the room, and you as the parent, can be happy in the nursery as well because that is going to be the most important place in the home and also the place where you will be spending a lot of time with your baby.

Baby Care and Baby Health Techniques - Use of Baby Care Accessories in Health and Safety of Babies

What are the aspects of child rearing that are most important to the modern parents of today?When we look at this issue, we can only symphatise with the modern parents of today because most of them are working or running some full time jobs. There is so little time to spend with the children and babies, if both parents are working , and where the mother is not working, taking care of a baby is a demanding full time job itself that keeps the mother busy at all times. Indeed, taking care of a baby is a 24 hour job, because even a baby can wake up at any time during the night when the parents are trying to catch up on sleep, and so the parents are basically on call the entire day and night.That is why we need modern tools and equipment, even toys and apparatus that can help parents raise up children in a safe and healthy environment, and still be able to shower love and affection on the little children.With these modern conveniences, parents of today can breathe a little easier, and get some help from these tools to raise up their children in easier ways.First and foremost, as parents, we need to care for the health of the baby, and secondly, we need to care for the safety of the baby. So our modern tools and aids to help raise a baby are concentrated towards these two important points. By using these tools and aids, parents can still get to work in their professions, and raise up a healthy child. These tools and aids are what we call Baby Care accessories.Top on the list of baby care accessories will be the accessories that relate to the health of the baby - these are the baby's health reporting tools and instruments that monitor the baby safety. Most of these tools and aids are fashioned with the baby in mind, and are attractively designed to please the baby's mind after a lot of research. Most of these accessories are therefore shaped in the form of toys, of lovable animal shapes and in bright colors that can bring a smile on the baby's face. In this way, the baby does not fear seeing bulky ugly looking instruments but will even enjoy these instruments as if they are their own toys. These tools help parents to monitor the health of the baby and their safety all the time, and therefore free the parents of some important time for them to run their work and jobs, while their babies can grow in a healthy and safe environment.Baby care accessories that relate to the safety of the baby are:1. Baby Safety Video Monitor or Cam
2. Baby safety crib
3. Baby Staircase Access Blocker
4. Baby Strollers
5. Baby ChairBaby Instant care accessories that relate to the health of the baby are:
1. Thermometer or baby wireless thermometer
2. Parental heart listener
3. Duck Bath thermometer, elephant bath thermometer or the hippo bath thermometer
4. Teddy bear digital thermometer or a ear thermometer
5. PacifierWith these baby care accessories, parents have less of a worry during the time their babies are under child care while they are busy at work, as they know the health and safety of their babies are well taken care of while their babies are not under their direct supervision.

Frugal Baby

How can I be frugal and have everything baby needs?Good question! I think the key is to identify what babies truly need.
The advertisers would have you believe that baby needs fancy expensive
"stuff" that will keep you in debt until baby's in college. Not true.
Babies need very little in order to be happy. And those things are, in
order of importance:A Momma to love
Nutritious food
To be kept warm
Something to cover their bottoms
Pretty simple eh?Free Food for Baby"The newborn baby has only three demands. They are warmth in the arms
of its mother, food from her breasts, and security in the knowledge of
her presence. Breastfeeding satisfies all three." - Dr. Grantly
Dick-Read, author of Childbirth Without Fear.The interesting thing about the first 3 is that they can all be met at
the same time with breastfeeding! You can't get much more frugal than
free can you?Not only does breastfeeding save you money that you would have spent
on formula, bottles and such, but you will save money on Doctor bills.
Formula feeding carries risks: Increased ear infections, respiratory
illness, increased incidence of certain cancers, long term
implications for obesity, diabetes, and I could go on.Baby ClothesMy best tip for obtaining baby clothes frugally is to make it known
that you welcome hand-me-downs. Most Moms hate throwing away perfectly
good baby stuff. When babies are young, they almost never wear things
out before they are outgrown. If someone gives you things, accept it
gratefully and thank them. Even if the stuff isn't as good as you
would like and you end up donating it to charity, you still send a
message that you aren't too proud for used things. And truly, it has
nothing to do with charity. Obtaining used things is better for the
environment. And you can put the money you save to better use. Why not
start a savings account for your little one and add to it when you use
creative frugality to save money? Your child will thank you later!EBay, thrift stores and consignment shops are also good places to find
baby clothes frugally.Experts agree that babies don't really need shoes when they're
learning to walk because it's best for their toes to grip the floor.
If it's cold and baby's tootsies are frozen, use soft leather baby
shoes. They're flexible and the healthiest, safest choice.Saving Money On DiapersThe most frugal way of dealing with this issue is to forgo diapers
altogether the way women around the world do. It's called "elimination
communication" and basically involves watching for baby's elimination
cues (and they do exist, even in newborns) and holding her over the
potty so she can take care of business. However, if you're not so
inclined, the next best thing is cloth diapers.Ask people to give you cloth diapers at your baby shower instead of
those cute but impractical outfits. A lot of the cloth diaper
companies that sell online have baby registries. Buy the high quality
cloth diapers if you plan on using them for more than one child. They
will likely last you for years. I recommend Fuzzi Bunz.More Frugal Baby IdeasFrugality is mostly about what you don't buy than what you do, so I
suggest thinking about what you can do without. Do you really need a
crib or bassinet? Why not let baby sleep with you? It works for 90% of
the population. Do you need a baby swing? Why not wear baby on your
body in a sling? It promotes bonding, keeps baby happy, you burn extra
calories and get things done too! Everybody wins. :)Does baby really need those educational toys and gadgets? You know,
Einstein didn't have flash cards. All the stimulation your baby needs
is you! Talk to baby, read to baby, sing to baby, let baby watch your
daily activities from his spot in the baby sling, and breastfeed your
baby.The best baby toys are things you have around the house. (Ever noticed
how babies and toddlers would rather play with your keys than any
expensive toy?) Babies would rather bang on pots and pans with wooden
spoons than just about anything else. Save empty plastic food
containers that would have been thrown away, and toss them into an
empty cabinet down low in your kitchen. This will provide hours of
frugal fun for baby!One exception:
Baby car seats are best obtained new...don't risk taking a chance on a
used car seat that "looks" fine but that may have been involved in a
fender bender.Baby's needs are truly few, and the best things you can give your baby
are free.

Finding Functional Baby Outfits Or Newborn Dressing

Wide necks, snap buttons at the shoulders or at the side of the neck lines, allow for easy access and if the baby  is a wiggler and hates the idea of being dressed then these strategically placed openings makes for dressing the baby boy a more efficient task. Also removable crotch snaps or button down fronts allow for more comfort and ease in changing diapers and for the occasions that the baby boy requires a complete new outfit. Baby boy clothing, specifically sleepwear in flame retardant materials are also functional choices in baby clothes. Sleepwear made from flame retardant material gives the parent and caregiver a measure of safety for their baby. An important point in choosing sleepwear is to be sure that it is weather appropriate and that the baby boy fits the sleepwear comfortably so as he may have a peaceful nights sleep.Baby Boy Clothing for Function and StyleA lot of people may argue that there are limited choices available when it comes to baby boy clothing, this is in comparison to baby girls clothing. It has been noticed that this may have seem true especially in the past. It is easy to see how this may be true when one looks around and sees many different designs and labels for girls that offer matching layettes, stretch and grow outfits, dresses, skirts, shorts, pants, shirts and blouses. Baby boy clothing is commonly limited to pants, shorts, sweaters, shirts, vests, jackets and coveralls, along with the regular layettes, and frog suits.Once upon a time not that long ago, clothes made especially for baby boys were usually in different shades of blue, but more and more designers of baby wear are experimenting with colors for baby boys and the traditional blues and greens are still obtainable but mixed in with them are a wider range of colors. Also it has been noted that parents are straying away from the conventional colors a and are venturing into other colors such as greens, yellows or in varying patterns such as stripes and plaid.Baby clothing is usually made from finely woven and delicate fabrics to complement baby's soft skin such as organic cotton, wool, flannel, cotton; polyester blends, or more luxurious fabrics like cashmere. Of course all parents want to make sure that their baby boy is dressed in a fabric that neither irritates or harms the delicacy of the baby boys skin. Therefore it behooves the parent or caregiver to research the fabric before purchasing anything for their baby boy to wear. It is a myth that baby boy clothing cost more than baby girl clothing; Parents are sure to find affordable outfits for baby boys just as easily as parents of baby girls. In fact, in today's market there are more designers than there ever use to be for male baby clothing in all price ranges. There is a wide variety of choices available from reliable and traditional baby clothing lines to more expensive designer clothing lines designed and made for male babies.Baby Boy Clothing ChoicesYou will find in the market place today that many different clothing brands and even more popular designers are now offering their own baby clothing line. This of course is great for the consumer and especially parents as the significant increase in sales in the previous years have shown, the designers and clothing brands, that the demand is high in this line of clothing therefore making it a worthwhile venture which in turn only increases the different styles and colors available for baby boys.There are seasonal clothes such as jackets, sweaters, wool-lined pants, from all baby brands for your baby boy these are of course country specific depending on the weather for instance a jacket that one may buy for the winter in Los Angeles may not be ideal for the cold climate in England or vice versa. Ideally one should purchase their baby boys winter outfit with this in mind if one is going on a holiday in winter. Obviously this applies in summer but usually summer clothes can be used in all parts of the world, cotton shirts and mesh-lined shorts are appropriate for sunnier weather whatever country you may live in or visit. Neutral baby clothing choices are also available and are commonly made of breathable cotton material that can be worn no matter what season, and are easily layered depending on the weather.Specialized baby boy clothing like holiday costumes for specific occasions, dress clothes that include baby sport coats, tuxedos, neckties or bow ties are also available much to parents' delight. Swim wear, swimsuits and bathing suits made especially for babies are also popular summer choices that parents seemingly can't get enough of. Baby clothing are also commonly available in different sizes for babies three, six, or nine months old to better fit babies but are subject to certain considerations such as baby's weight and height.

Teach Baby to Sign - The Best DVDs

My baby looks quizzically at me, "Babagagadadamama...da."Yes, well, fascinating. Perhaps you want a hug? or this toy?More emphatically, "BABAGAGAdadamama....da."You make a good point kiddo, unfortunately I do not know what it is. Are you wet? You just ate, so you aren't hungry.Now she is starting to get frustrated: "BABAGAGA WAHHH WAHHH."What does she want? Wouldn't it be great if she could just tell me? This exactly the sort of scenario that creates the market for baby signing DVDs. These companies want parents to know that baby can communicate through sign language before he or she is ready for complex speech.And what do you know? They are right! I've personally seen dozens of babies, just a month or two older than mine, signing to express themselves. Having seen baby signs in action, my next question was whether or not teaching my baby to sign would benefit our family.According to the latest research signing seems to actually accelerate and enhance speaking and learning! Not only that, but signing has been known to head off toddler tantrums. Because your tot can tell you what he wants, he doesn't need to throw a fit. That alone is worth it.Not having any prior signing experience, I wanted a DVD to supplement our learning. We tested all of the likely contenders: Baby Signing Time, Baby Einstein - My First Signs, My Baby Can Talk - First Signs, Baby See N Sign Vol 1.Overall, I was impressed by the quality of these videos. My baby was mesmerized by all of these, except Baby See N Sign. Our favorite was Baby Signing Time.Baby Signing TimeBaby's reaction: giggling, waving, attempting to clap and comically missing the other hand, smiling and laughing when I make the signs.My reaction: To be upfront, Rachel Coleman is perkier than Daddy's coffee, but babies seem to like that stuff. Her signing is the clearest of any of the video hosts we watched and she uses a special technique, wrapping her fingers in colored tape, to make them even clearer.I like that the vast majority of the video is adults, children, and babies interacting. There are also cartoon shorts sprinkled throughout. In thematic sections, signs are introduced, demonstrated, illustrated, repeated, and then eventually combined.Coleman's original songs give this video an edge--the perfect audio and visual learning experience for parents and babies who are signing beginners. And, if you enjoy Baby Signing Time 1, there is a volume 2, an entire series for children, and plenty of other written materials, CDs, and more.Coleman's story is incredibly compelling; I recommend visiting the website even just to read about her and her family! Signing Time is so confident in their product, they offer free sample clips on their website. Their website is also a great resource with forums, crafts, and activity guides.Just the Facts:Signs include: Eat, Drink, Cracker, Water, Cereal, Milk, Banana, Juice, Finished, Mom, Grandma, Dad, Grandpa, Diaper, Potty, More, Bird, Fish, Cat, Dog, Horse, Frog, Hurt, Where, BabyBonus materials include: information and tips on teaching your baby to sign, a sneak preview of Vol. 2, and Rachel signing the theme songRun time: 30 minutes + special featuresBaby Einstein - My First Signs Baby's Reaction: staring, and more staringMy reaction: I prefer My First Signs over other Baby Einstein selections. The video still has the puppets, including an adorable family of cat-like creatures, but far fewer segments focused on the toys. The hostess is the accomplished actress, Marlee Matlin, and she is warm and pleasant in this video. Baby Einstein seems to have learned from the critiques of its Language Nursery--First Signs teaches actual signs connected with corresponding images, rather than providing a random, impressionistic introduction.There are lots of smiling babies and adults interacting and some artwork. As with all of the videos I reviewed, adults, toddlers, and older kids demonstrate the signs. Overall, this is a fine introduction to signing with baby.Just the Facts:Signs include: Baby, Daddy, Mommy, Kiss, I Love You, Milk, Cereal, Eat, More, Play, Help, Friend, Ball, I Love You, Stop, Go, Sleep, Bath, Story, Blanket, Please, Thank YouBonus material includes: Discovery Cards (Opposites: Movie Flashcards): Boy, Girl, Happy, Sad, Clean, Dirty, Up, Down, Hot, Cold, In, Out; Sign With Me (Flash Cards): Signs in the DVD; Signing with Baby (Basic Signs): Yes, No, Good, Bad, Water, Want, Share, Potty, Hurt, Sorry, Hug, Love; Puppet Shows; Toy ChestRun Time: 27 minutes + special features Baby EinsteinMy Baby Can Talk - First SignsBaby's reaction: Stared for a while, then eventually got distractedMy reaction: A decent, if somewhat uneven video. As with most of the videos, there are lots of nice images and smiling babies and kids.Although the video says it is for 10-36 months in the tutorial, I think this video is aimed older than the others I viewed. As fun as it is to learn the sign for giraffe, I think most babies are more interested in milk.Toddlers and pre-schoolers may also appreciate that a young child combines signs and explains when you use the signs ("please helps you get cereal"). Another feature describes how to form the sign: "like smelling a flower."There are some fun mini-skits and rhymes ("Socks that are little, socks that are big, socks on a bear, socks on a pig"). True, the "raps" do not have the highest production values, but a baby won't care. The video also has some fascinating information for adults about sign language, such as how the signs were created.Just the Facts: Signs include: Monkey, Cereal, Please, Thank You, Flower, Hat, Baby, Ball, Boat, Share, Giraffe, Apple, Help, Mommy, Socks, Balloon, Bath, Airplane, Cracker, Lion, Shirt, Tree, Daddy, Elephant, Diaper, Train, Sleep, All DoneRun time: 45 minutes including parent tutorial

Top Hospital Endorses Baby Bjorn Baby Carriers

Baby carriers in various forms have been in use for centuries. Their great virtue for many cultures was that they allowed a parent to move freely about while keeping a child attached and safe. Obviously, baby carrying allows a child's care-giver to more easily work or travel.Modern baby carriers serve contemporary parents in much the same way. Of course, we aren't out working in the fields or migrating across the Steppes, but modern moms and dads still juggle household and child-rearing tasks all day long. Plus, the rise of Attachment Parenting as a movement among progressive parents reinforced the benefits of parent-child closeness, and modern baby carriers provide a great way to keep baby close without having to hold him in your arms.The benefits of keeping an infant in close physical proximity are many, according to so called "baby-wearing" or attachment parenting advocates, Dr. William Sears most notably. (To be precise, baby wearing is both its own movement and also one of Dr. Sears attachment parenting "ideals." For more information about attachment parenting, see the Ask Dr. Sears website.) Some of the claimed benefits of baby-wearing for both the parent and infant include the following:Mothers' progesterone (mothering hormone) is increased through physical contact with the infant, leading to a more intimate maternal bond, easier breastfeeding and better care, thus lowering the incidence of postpartum depression and psychosomatic illness.Infants who are carried are calmer because all of their primal/survival needs are met. The caregiver can be seen, heard, smelled, touched, tasted, provide feeding and the motion necessary for continuing neural development, gastrointestinal and respiratory health and to establish balance (inner ear development) and muscle tone is constant.Infants IQ and brain mass are measurably greater when primal needs are met since babies spend more time in a quiet state of attentive alertness, which is ideal for learning, rather than in a panicked survival mode.Infants are more organized. Parental rhythms (walking, heartbeat, etc.) have balancing and soothing effects on infants.Infants are "humanized" earlier by developing socially. Babies are closer to people and can study facial expressions, learn languages faster and be familiar with body language.Developmental milestones such as learning to walk, talk and toilet train are reached earlier.Contrary to western cultural myths, independence is established earlier.Aggression is diminished.Attachment between child and caregiver is more secure.Decreases risk of positional plagiocephaly ("flat head syndrome") caused by extended time spent in a car seat and by sleeping on the back. Sleeping on the back is recommended to decrease the risk of SIDS. Cranial distortion resulting from non-vehicular time in car seats has shown to be more severe than in children who develop plagiocephaly from back-lying on a mattress. Concern over plagiocephaly has also lead the American Academy of Pediatrics recommend that infants "should spend minimal time in car seats (when not a passenger in a vehicle) or other seating that maintains supine positioning. None of the babywearing positions require infants to lie supine while being carried. Infants can even be worn while sleeping, also decreasing sleeping time spent in a supine position.Although there are some who argue that the expectation of increased involvement with children inherent in attachment parenting and babywearing practices may create undo stress on parents, particularly on working mothers, most parents will attest that infants are happiest when close to their parents, especially to their mothers.Given the benefits of babywearing, it comes as no surprise that Baby Bjorn, one of the pioneers of the modern baby carrier, is often recommended to new parents. In fact, Rainbow Babies and Children's Hospital in Cleveland, Ohio, one of the top ten rated pediatric hospitals in the country according to both Child Magazine and U.S. News and World Report, recently endorsed the use Baby Bjorn baby carriers. Dr. Avroy A. Fanaroff, Chairman of Pediatrics and Chief Medical Officer at Rainbow, wrote the following:Since 1973 BabyBjorn has designed baby carriers that strengthen the infant-child relationship. The intimate fit of all BabyBjorn baby carrier models help baby feel "at one" with the parent. Carrying baby close can ease stress for both parents and child, and a parent's natural movements can calm a fussy baby. BabyBjorn baby carriers help position the baby comfortably and at the same time provide the proper support for the infant's spine and hips.As Dr. Fanaroff notes, all of the Baby Bjorn baby carriers provide the key benefits of babywearing Baby Bjorn's current styles include the still-popular Original Carrier, the Active Carrier with enhanced back support, and the Air Carrier for more comfortable babywearing in warm weather.Beyond the pleasures and benefits of keeping your baby close by using a baby carrier, most parents find that the added mobility and being able to hold baby "hands free" while using a baby carrier are indispensable. I know that among our friends, we've passed one particular Baby Bjorn Original Carriers around for over five years, across four different children. We couldn't live with it.

Caring For Your Angel With A Baby Blanket

One of the things that you always hear people checking on with newborn babies is whether the baby is warm enough. The best way to keep them warm is with a baby blanket. There are a number of different baby blankets available. So how do you know which one to use when?Typically, the first baby blanket that you will be using with your little one is a receiving baby blanket. This type of blanket is used to swaddle the baby. Not only is swaddling used to keep the baby warm, but it is also done to help the baby feel a little restricted. This restricted feeling reminds them of being in the womb, which is extremely comforting and can stop a lot of crying. One thing many parents have learned is if the baby is crying and they don't seem to be hungry or need their diaper changed, they probably need to be swaddled.Baby receiving blankets are very thin, soft blankets. They swaddle the best when they are cut in the shape of a square, but they don't need to be very big. Many hospitals will give you a receiving blanket to use at home. This will give you an idea of what size you will be needing, if you decide to buy more. If you are unfamiliar with how to swaddle a newborn, be sure to have one of the baby's nurses at the hospital show you before you leave.The other baby blankets that you will want to be familiar with are baby afghans, baby quilts, and fleece baby blankets. Baby afghans are typically handmade from yarn. They are nice to use when you want to cover up the baby, but don't want the baby getting overheated. Since newborns don't have working sweat glands until they are two weeks old, it is best to use an afghan if you want to put an extra baby blanket over them.Baby quilts are going to be a lot thicker than afghan baby blankets and so will be warmer. This is preferred for the winter time, especially when taking baby out in the cold. These too are usually handmade, but you can buy these at stores also. Basically the baby blanket consists of two pieces of material sewn together and sometimes stuffed with some cotton for added comfort. They come with all different types of designs on them and are great for displaying on the wall or on a bed once the baby is older.Finally, the fleece baby blankets are known for their soft, comfy feeling. They are also warm blankets like the quilts. Fleece baby blankets are easy to make and you can find them with all different designs on them. Some fabric stores sell the fleece material with cartoon characters on them. These baby blankets are great, because they can be used for much of the childhood years. And since they are fairly inexpensive, you don't have to worry about overusing them.

How To Pick Out The Best Baby Sling

Have you ever tried to get grocery shopping done with a crying baby in your arms or tried to manage your upset child while cleaning the house? If so you know how difficult it can be to accomplish anything when your baby needs nothing more than to be held. This is why so many parents are taking advantage of using a baby sling. It is a way to carry your little one around while still allowing you to use both of your hands for other things.With so many different models available it can be very difficult to decide which one will work best for you. The first thing to think about when looking at baby sling models is how much you will be using it and for what? For example, are you planning on using the baby sling on a daily basis and for more than thirty minutes each time? If so, you are going to need one of the top models. My favorite is the Baby Bjorn. This is the best option for high use because it will support your back and will outlast all other models. Other models can start to hurt your back after a short amount of time.If you don't plan on using your sling on a daily basis or at great lengths of time, you can get away with getting something other than the Baby Bjorn. Since the Bjorn typically costs about $80, you could put the money you save from the other model toward other things for your baby.Other things to consider when choosing a baby sling are the size of your baby and the baby's behavior. A baby that is colicky may do best in a higher end sling for babies. For babies that are typically well-behaved you will have more options to choose from. Consider the size of your baby when choosing the right sling. Each baby sling has weight requirements. If you have a preemie, you will need something that can accommodate a baby that small. If you want to use the baby sling as the baby grows, you will need a model that adjusts to older and heavier babies.Baby slings also come in different styles to choose from. You can get a typical baby sling that looks like a sling you would use for a broken arm or you can get a one that looks more like a back pack worn on the chest. Some can actually be worn on the back also, but that is for when the baby gets a little older.There are a number of baby sling brands to consider, so it helps to do a little research. You may also come across some models that have been marked down on certain websites or by visiting auction websites you may find some great deals.

Baby Skin Care to Keep Your Baby Looking Healthy

There are so many things that you need to remember when keeping your baby clean and looking healthy. To protect their sensitive skin you need to stick with gentle baby soap products unless instructed otherwise by your pediatrician. Even though you don't want to use soap on the face of your baby, you do need to be careful to keep their face clean using wet cotton balls. For all the many baby skin care techniques make sure to speak to a nurse at the hospital when your baby is born or do some research online.When managing baby skin care, you always want to be careful to avoid anything that could potentially irritate their skin. Most adult products use harsh chemicals that can damage the sensitive skin of babies. The safest baby brand is Johnson and Johnson. If considering other brands, make sure to check the ingredients even if it is made for babies. Sometimes you can even find all-natural baby products.If you ever notice that your baby has very dry, irritated skin, your baby may have eczema. This is something that you need to talk to the pediatrician about because they may have some special baby skin care products to recommend. Often people have eczema as babies and then they grow out of it as they get older. Many times the best way to treat dry skin is to use either baby lotion or baby oil twice daily. With my daughter, we use baby oil after baths and baby lotion every time she changes clothes.In dealing with baby skin care nearly every baby will experience diaper rashes. There are so many diaper rash formulas to choose from that it can be difficult to know which one to buy. Since you will likely be given a lot of samples of different diaper rash formulas I recommend trying each of them. Try one product for a few days before switching to the next one. That way if your baby has a bad reaction, you will know which product it was. Each baby will react differently to different products. Fortunately since diaper rash formulas can get expensive, you can find store brands that work just as well as other brands.Another way to manage baby skin care is to carefully choose laundry detergents. Most doctors recommend that you use Dreft or a similar brand for the first few months. Later on you can try exposing your baby to clothes washed in other brands, but keep a close eye on your baby to check for any bad reactions.No matter what kind of baby skin care you use, make sure that your baby doesn't have a poor reaction to it. If you ever have any concern about your baby's skin care, call your pediatrician for advice or research online for recommendations for sensitive skin care.

Unique Newborn Gift Idea - Ban Baby Shower Blues With Ideas For A Newborn Baby

A unique newborn gift idea, given with thoughtfulness and a generous spirit, often becomes a life-saver for frazzled new parents and a mom still struggling to recover after the pregnancy. So often this whole new adventure can seem daunting and overwhelming during the first few weeks of the newborn baby's life. Taking care when choosing a unique newborn gift idea may enable you to give something that will lighten the load, entertain the newborn infant for hours on end, or create a treasured keepsake such as a baby footprint or handprint.Baby Will Love Cloud B's Animal-theme Unique Newborn Gift IdeaThis scary, strange new world will feel just that bit better with a fluffy Sleep Sheep friend. This cuddly creature by Cloud B's baby sleep experts, hugs a sound box with tranquil nature sounds and mom's reassuring heart beat in the background. This unique newborn gift idea will shoo away scary night time noises and replace them with calming, recognizable sounds that will help the newborn infant to let the Sandman in.Your baby gift idea comes with the sound of spring showers, mesmerizing ocean surf and delightful whale songs. The fluffy sheep fastens with velcro to the crib or cot bed, keeping it close by. After 23 minutes it switches off automatically.Unique Newborn Baby Gift - Stimulate Baby Vision With Infant Stim-MobileThe Wimmer Ferguson Manhatten Baby, with more than four decades of infant vision research, has become synonymous with quality baby goodies. In the Infant Stim-Mobile they have a unique newborn gift idea that will provide hours of entertainment for any newborn infant. Simple and complex graphics give a newborn baby the opportunity to focus on areas where light and dark come together. The graphic cards are cleverly reversible, allowing parents to create new, interesting variations of the patterns as the baby develops.This award winning unique newborn gift idea comes with 10 black and white cards, and the sturdy, upright stand. The set now also includes bold color cards to brighten things up. Any baby will benefit from the scanning, focusing, tracking and orienting eye activities.Baby Discovers Reading With Double Sided First Book As Unique Newborn Gift IdeaThis is a clever baby shower or newborn gift idea. The ordinary crib bumper becomes baby's first introduction to reading. The Infant-Stim Tiny Love Crib Bumper Panel and Book is reversible, bright and colorful. Change tummy-time niggles into a time of visual stimulation and delight with this unique newborn gift idea.A newborn infant will benefit from the high-contrast black, white and red illustrations. Three to six month old babies will adore the reverse side with more complex three dimensional figures and activities. The proximity of this colorful display encourages neck and shoulder exercise and movement. The bumper-book can also be used in a baby stroller or playpen.Wrapping A Baby In Love With A Fluffy Unique Newborn Gift IdeaContribute a beloved keepsake by giving one of the many soft baby blankets as your unique newborn gift idea. If you find a way to transform it into a uniquely personalized baby blanket, so much the better. A pinwheel weave baby blanket always looks and feels great. These 100% cotton receiving blankets made by such folk as the skilled artisans of Churchill Weavers in Berea Kentucky, are machine washable and kind to delicate baby skins. A wide variety of colors are available.A Gund Comfy Cozy Puppy Makes A Delightfully Unique Newborn Gift IdeaThese adorable security blankies will be taken everywhere. The softest plush that begs to be hugged comes with a cute puppy character. All the embroidered begging eyes ask for, is lots of love and cuddles. The underside or this unique newborn baby gift idea comes with satin pads. The puppy ears are made for chewing and gnawing. The Gund Comfy Cozy Puppy is machine washable. It comes in many other character variations. This will always be a comforting gift idea for a newborn baby.Unique Newborn Gift Idea - White Noise Helps Parents Survive And Soothes BabyWhite noise is a sound frequency that sounds like a 'hiss', similar to radio static or ocean sounds. The creators of a white noise sound CD series, generates white noise by adjusting sound frequencies until they have a soothing sound signal that can be used for sleep and relaxation. The full frequency spectrum used in this case is the reason behind its success. This technique can be used very effectively for newborns and adults alike. With these unique sets of CD's at home, you don't need a white noise machine.Especially colicky kids or babies with infant acid reflux will benefit from this unique newborn gift idea.Choose the New Baby 8 CD gift pack to give a restless little one (and his or her exhausted parents!) blissful sleep and relaxation. The set includes:
Night Night Time - Soothing lullaby melodies against a background of mom's heartbeat

Baby By The Sea - Let ocean waves lull the infant gently to sleep.

Baby By The Brook - Nurturing nature sounds and lullabies bring sleep on.

Sing-A-Long Lullabies - Moms and babies alike enjoy this bonding CD.

Baby's First PWN - Soft, calming white noise sounds for newborns.

Baby's Fan - The mesmerizing purr of a fan takes baby softly into sleep.

Baby's Vacuum Cleaner - The white noise frequencies of a vacuum cleaner are very popular with newborns.

Baby's Blow Dryer - Blow a fussy baby's mind with the white noise from a hair dryer.

Also available as a unique newborn gift idea, is the New Parent Survival Pack. These CD's include sounds like rain, pure white noise, waves, lullaby songs, and bubbling brooks.Tiny Baby Footprints And Handprint Kits In Clay With Unique Newborn Gift IdeaAnother winner in a newborn baby gift basket is a baby handprint or baby footprint kit. One option is a clay keepsake baby handprint kit. This unique newborn baby gift idea will enable parents to create treasured keepsakes for themselves, grandparents and other family members. Use a heart clay tile and follow the instructions to create a perfect baby footprint of your newborn's tiny feet. The self-drying Mexican pottery clay makes it really easy to create numerous baby footprint keepsakes and baby handprint memento's. Or opt for the Angel Baby Handprint Kit or an adorable Teddy Bear Baby Footprint KitAlways remember the other siblings in the family and take along something special for them as well. Chosen with care, your unique newborn gift idea can bring pleasure and happy memories for years to come.

Caring For Your Baby's Teeth

Keeping your baby's teeth clean may not always be easy -- when he clamps his jaws shut, it can be difficult to persuade him to open them -- but it is very important.Ideally, you should start cleaning your baby's mouth from birth, using a piece of damp gauze or a soft, damp washcloth to wipe any milk residue from his gums and teeth. It's a good idea to start this early, as it gives your baby time to get used to the whole routine and may make him less likely to object to having his teeth brushed later on!Once his baby teeth start appearing, it's crucial to clean them carefully at least twice a day. The bacteria that live naturally in your baby's mouth turn the sugars (including natural sugars) from foods into acid. This acid may then attack the enamel of your baby's teeth.The importance of your baby's first teethAlthough your baby will eventually lose his first teeth, don't be fooled into thinking that caring for them is any less important than caring for his permanent teeth later on.
Baby teeth "reserve" a place for the permanent teeth to grow into. If a baby tooth is lost, the permanent teeth may shift, potentially leading to orthodontic problems later on.

Babies need their milk teeth in order to learn to speak clearly and correctly.

Baby teeth are needed for biting and chewing.

The excessive loss of baby teeth due to decay can affect your child's confidence at pre-school level -- after all, we all want to look our best!
Choosing a toothbrushOnce your baby has his first tooth, it's time to buy an appropriate toothbrush. A long handled brush with a small head is best at first, as this design makes it easy to reach all parts of your baby's mouth quite easily. The brush should have soft, rounded filaments and should be replaced every 10-12 weeks, or as soon as the filaments start to splay.Alternatively, you could use the type of infant toothbrush that fits over your finger and some babies do prefer this -- but beware if your baby is a biter, as they don't offer much protection to your vulnerable finger!When your baby is older and wants to hold the brush himself, then buy him a chunkier-handled design, which will be easier for him to hold -- although you will still need to do the bulk of the brushing yourself!Toothpaste and fluorideYou don't have to use toothpaste to clean your baby's teeth -- the action of brushing is the most important factor in keeping them clean. If you do use toothpaste, then choose one specifically designed for infants -- these usually contain very little fluoride. The American Association of Pediatric Dentistry actually recommends that babies under the age of 2 should receive NO fluoride at all.Although fluoride can help strengthen the enamel of the teeth, too much of it can lead to fluorosis - a condition which can cause white spots to appear on the permanent teeth. Young babies tend to swallow toothpaste rather than spit it out -- if you use an adult toothpaste, then they will be swallowing too much fluoride.Speak to your child's dentist for more information about the fluoride requirements for your child.For further information, see How Much Fluoride Is Enough?Tips for brushing baby's teeth
If your baby is reluctant to open his mouth, try putting a brush in your own mouth -- babies love to copy whatever Mum's doing!

Try singing a musical scale with your mouth wide open (no-one's looking!) He may try to copy the singing -- or he may laugh -- but either way, he'll open his mouth!

Sit your baby in whatever position works best for you -- standing or sitting behind your baby as he looks up is a great position, because it enables you to reach all parts of his mouth very easily.

Be gentle -- firm brushing isn't necessary at this stage and can put your baby off the whole experience.
Visiting the dentistSo when should your baby pay his first visit to the dentist?According to the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry and many other dental authorities worldwide, you should take him for a dental check-up at some point during his first year.This gives your baby's dentist the opportunity to identify potential problems at an early stage and also to establish a good prevention program. It also gets your baby accustomed to the routine of dental visits and can help ensure he is calm on future visits.Tips to keep your baby's teeth healthy
Avoid giving your baby juice. Nearly 90% of infants in the US are drinking juice before their first birthday. Yet whole fruit is nutritionally superior to fruit juice and contains dietary fiber, which juice lacks. Giving water to your baby is the healthiest option when he needs additional fluids.

If you do give your baby fruit juice, then make sure he drinks it from a sippy cup, not a bottle. Drinking juice from a bottle causes it to "pool" around your baby's teeth and puts him at a very high risk of dental decay.

Do not put your baby to bed with a bottle of juice or milk. The lactose in milk can react with the bacteria in your baby's mouth, forming the acids that attack tooth enamel.

Do not dip your baby's dummy/pacifier into any sweet substance.

Do not add sugar to your baby's food. (NEVER use honey as a sweetener for babies less than 1 year of age -- honey may contain botulism spores, which can be fatal to a young baby).

Ensure that baby's teeth get an extra good clean at bedtime! During the night, his natural production of saliva decreases, so its rinsing action diminishes too. This means that any harmful bacteria in the mouth are able to settle on the teeth more easily.

If your baby is receiving oral medication, give it to him before you brush his teeth, not afterwards. Almost all oral medications for infants contain sucrose.

Baby Shower Idea - Animal Antics On African Safari Crib Bedding At Baby Shower

A baby shower idea that can lead to heart-stopping, imaginary adventures in the African Bush is a set of African Safari baby crib bedding. Imagine how much fun a mom-to-be and her precious baby is going to have exploring all the animal antics brought to life on innovative African Safari baby crib bedding fabrics. It is a worthwhile baby shower idea to team up with a few friends and give a really useful set of baby crib bedding or cot bed bedding.Equipping a nursery with anything from Bellini baby furniture to Dutailier glider rockers, is an expensive venture. Helping out with a crib bedding set, chosen to coordinate with the baby furniture, will be a much appreciated baby shower idea. If you do a bit of homework, you should know what type of baby nursery theme the parents would enjoy, as well as the color scheme they have in mind.Wendy Bellissimo Introduces Baby To The Wonders Of The Animal KingdomWendy Bellissimo Petite Safari baby crib bedding is a popular baby shower idea, as she understands the knack of bringing the animal kingdom to life in a colorful way. This baby shower idea would be a welcome change from the over commercialized, very frilly babyish themes sometimes dominating this market.The Glenna Jean African Safari baby crib bedding set can also be used when planning your baby shower idea, although the colors are more muted and perhaps not the best choice for stimulating a baby. Glenna Jean African Safari crib bedding includes a printed quilt with a sage green border, and is finished in red gingham piping. A cream chenille crib bumper, fitted sheet and dust ruffle completes the set.If you combine your resources with friends in planning your baby shower idea, you may be able to add accessories such as the window shade, a valance with a palm tree and leopard print, the diaper stacker and the adorable musical mobile with soft elephants and other animal characters.Also in the running for featuring in an African Safari bedding baby shower idea, is the Kidsline Zanzibar crib bedding set. This 6-piece cot bedding set is enchanting for either a little boy or a little girl. It steers clear of the more common pink or blue baby stuff. The animal antics of this baby shower idea takes place against a backdrop of beige and green. The set has a tranquil, yet warm feel.The set includes the usual crib bumper, a luxurious quilt, the fitted sheet, a crib skirt, the valance and the diaper stacker. Sensory stimulation has been kept in mind during manufacturing, and a variety of fabric textures have been incorporated in the design. The Kidsline Zanzibar nightlight will become a much used accessory when scary night-time monsters start to make their appearance...Another African Safari bedding baby shower idea comes from Brandee Danielle. Her On Safari bedding set features a cozy quilt, a soft crib bumper, fitted sheet and crib skirt. Your friends can opt for the hamper, extra fluffy pillows, a lamp shade, a cute mobile, the window valance, or a colorful On Safari wall hanging.Baby Shower Idea Leads To Monkey BusinessWho knew monkeys could be purple and yellow? The Monkey See, Monkey Do baby crib bedding set is another African Safari baby shower idea. This set by Anna Claire Crib Bedding includes a baby quilt, bumper, dust ruffle, and sheet. The bedding set is machine washable. The characters are lovable, vibrant, and lively. Any infant will fall in love these adorable animal friends.Also take a look at the Kidsline Swazi African Safari baby crib bedding set while weighing your baby shower idea options. This line features colorful, charming characters.Why not make it an authentic African Safari baby shower theme, with cuddly animal toys as extra baby shower gifts? Use lively African Safari images on the free baby shower invitations. Scour the internet for baby shower games and favors with an African theme.Just remember: with all these animals let loose in the baby nursery, your African Safari baby shower idea will probably sentence your friend to raising a spirited young adventurer...

Baby Photos - Tips and Tricks For the Best Baby Photo

Babies - They Are All Cute and CuddlyEvery baby is cute and can take a great baby photo, but their are some important tips you can use to make a baby's picture turn out as cute as possible. Some of the key tips to think about when taking a baby photo:
Get down to the baby's level, don't shoot from above
Make sure baby has plenty of rest. A tired baby is a crabby baby.
Babies move around a lot and are faster than you think. So make sure that you use high speed film if using a traditional camera for your baby photo, or a digital camera with a fast shutter speed and good image stabilization featuresBaby Photos from the Baby's Point of ViewPhotos look the best when they are full of baby not background. Therefore it is always the best idea to kneel down to the babies level and try to zoom in the camera to take the best possible baby photo. Pictures from up above don't show the baby in the best angle. By kneeling down and looking at the baby as straight on as possible the pictures look more life like and you can zoom in much easier. Also, focusing on the baby with the camera instead of focusing on the background can help to really make the baby "pop" out of the photo.Baby - Cute or Crabby?Babies' moods can change quicker than their diapers! So catching a baby in a good mood can be harder than it may seem. However it is usually worth the wait. Great baby photos are of babies which are smiley or full of mischief. Catching them in the act is trick. Babies aren't uncooperative to spite grown-ups. They usually have a good reason. Children in general and babies especially, tend to act grumpy and temperamental when they are tired, hungry, or bored.Taking photos of a crabby baby can easily be prevented. Make sure to only attempt to take pictures of a well rested, recently fed, entertained baby. You can accomplish this by shooting your baby photos shortly after a meal. Babies first foods make sweet baby photos, as do their creative applications of said food. Bath time is another great photo opportunity. They are certainly entertained and often having a great time. Finding a baby in a good mood isn't always a challenge but having the camera ready when it happens can be.Sleeping babies also make for great pictures. The angelic look on their faces, the odd positions they may be comfortable in, and the fact that they usually won't turn their face or move as soon as a good shot is lined up, makes for very adorable baby photos. These sleeping baby pictures are often parent's favorites and grand parent's favorites as well.Using a Digital CameraDigital cameras can be a great tool for taking baby photos. They make it easier to see exactly what picture was taken. Then the photographer is quickly able to decide if the picture is worth keeping. Additionally taking digital photos, uploading them to the internet and having them made in to photo books can help even the busiest parents make adorable keepsake scrapbooks of all their favorite baby photos. Once the books are ordered all the creative parent need to is add the stickers and other fun decorations, and hours of potential work is turned into an hour of so of fun.Spending your time playing with baby, and trying to make sure baby is having a fun time, will lead to the cutest baby pics. You can be assured that your baby will almost always be doing something that you will want to capture, so it is extremely important to try to keep your camera with you all the time. Remember that the best and cutest baby photo opportunities will come when you least expect it. So enjoy your baby and enjoy your baby photos!

When Is The Right Time For Weaning My Baby?

To many parents this is a question of great concern.The Department of health recommends only, 'breastfeeding', exclusively for the first six months of a baby's life! This would of course include for, 'baby formula', in the case of the mother being unable to breast feed.So just when should baby first be introduced to solid food?And leading from this question, at what age should they start weaning?Despite the recommendation from the Department of health, mentioned above, the actual commencement of weaning times usually occurs, for one reason or other, between the ages of four and six months.Don't attempt to wean baby before four months of age.Be aware that it is certainly not advisable that you attempt to wean a baby, under the age of at least four months.
The reason for this is because of the simple fact that the baby's digestive system cannot cope with solid foods, before this time. So there is absolutely no point in attempting weaning, any earlier than this.The age that you first introduce baby to 'solid foods' are very much dependent upon the individual needs of the baby.
As we have already stated, there is no good reason to try to introduce anything other than 'breast milk', or 'baby formula milk', before the age of four months.Different baby's have different nutrition needs.Some babies may not be ready for weaning, even at four or five months, but some babies will be hungry for something more substantial and parents will recognize the signs and when they do they will start the most important process of 'weaning'.Weaning should, however, definitely be commenced after the age of six months. This is the age when the baby needs more nourishment that milk alone can provide.
It is important for the child's future development, that the correct nutrition is given in the form of other suitable, solid foods.How do parents decide when baby is ready for this change in his diet?Look for the signs :-o Baby still seems hungry, even after a good milk feed.o Baby demands for more frequent feeds.o Baby wakes during the night, for additional feeds.o Baby watches with interest, when you are eating.So how and what, should you now start feeding your baby?Baby's first feed should just be a "taster".Baby's first feeding should be initially a way of giving the baby new taste experiences. So after the unchanging bland taste of milk baby will get a new taste experience.
Any change from the blandness of milk, will usually be an adventure welcomed by baby. But sometimes the baby will resist the challenge to his/her taste buds. They may also sometimes completely reject a particular new taste or flavor while at other times absolutely loving another.
Don't rush things; just enjoy your and your baby's experiences at this very interesting time. Babies are very much the same as the rest of us; our tastes are individual and differ greatly from one to another.'Spoon fed', a new experience for Baby.The tastes and the texture, coming from a spoon is a big change from the experiences he or she, have previously been used to. But it is the way things have to go, for both you and the Baby. It all part of the growing up and developing experience.The fist food you should introduce to baby is recommended to be 'gluten free', because some baby's are sensitive to this, and there may be adverse effects.
'Gluten', is a protein contained in cereals, wheat, rye, oats, and barley. 'Gluten free' foods, such as puree of cornmeal, or rice, pureed vegetables, potatoes, carrots and parsnips. Or pureed fruits, in the form of banana, apple, or pear, are the best of the fruits, as weaning food for baby. The weaning process can be a lengthy period of time, but baby will eventually settle into the new experience of food tastes.

Baby Shower Gift Buying 101

Many women who get invited to baby showers don’t have children of their own, leaving them with no idea what to buy for the soon-to-be mom. While most go to the store where the mother has registered, some are now thinking outside the box with personalized baby gifts rather than what is listed in the registry. Many shower-goers are now buying theme-related items to give as baby shower gifts, just to give that personalized feel.If the mother has picked out the name for the baby, pick up a few items and get the baby’s name imprinted on them. An easy idea for a baby gift is buying something essential, then spicing it up with some small accessories. Still not feeling very creative? Well here is a simple list of some of the most popular items to give as baby shower gifts. A gift for mom and dadThe mom-to-be is so concentrated on the baby right now, that she and the father have no time to think about themselves, and the baby isn’t even here yet. Rather than buying a baby gift, get something for mom and dad to use after the baby is born, such as a couple’s massage or a gift certificate for dinner. The baby shower is sure to get them all the essentials for the baby, so why not give them something they can use for themselves. A themed basketThis is the perfect baby gift idea for someone who is on a budget. Just go to the store where the mother has registered and simply buy the sheets or blankets she has asked for. Then go around the store and buy some little toys or must-have baby essentials, such as pacifiers, baby bottles or bibs. These are the items that most likely will be neglected by other guests who buy more expensive gifts. A designer baby bagIf your on a tight budget, you don’t have to splurge to get a designer baby bag. Most mothers will be happy with anything that doesn’t actually look like a baby bag, and looks stylish at the same time. Vera Bradley bags are one of the most popular bags for mothers to use, and they aren’t even baby bags. After buying the bag, you can add a personal touch to it by adding some little baby gifts inside. A baby tubThis is a simple baby gift idea that can let you have some fun while buying it. After purchasing the tub, add all of the essentials the mother will need for the baby during bath time. This can include shampoo, bubbles and some little toys. You can even add some things for mom, because she is unlikely to have much time to herself once the baby arrives. An activity gymAfter the baby is born, mom will need something so that the baby can stay occupied in its crib for as long as possible. An activity gym is the perfect idea for this. Look for one that has many colors, lights up, and has toys within the baby’s reach so that it will keep the baby’s interest. A baby monitorMost first time moms are nervous to leave their baby alone for a second, let alone a whole night. Let mom and dad sleep in peace with a simple baby monitor that will allow them to hear if the baby does wake up. Now that you have your baby shower gift in mind, whether it’s for baby or for mom and dad, get to your nearest registry and have fun shopping! Remember to be creative, and buy a baby gift that mom-to-be will remember you for!

Tips to Baby Care - Things You Should Know

Wonderful moment has arrived - you had a baby! Now what? Caring for your baby is a skill, lucky us it can be easily acquired and learned. Baby care and nurturing is going to fill your days for the first few month to the maximum, and here are some tips to help you reduce stress and make parenting more enjoyable!
Talking to, touching, and holding your new baby in the delivery room is good for you and your baby.

This is a wonderful time to start breastfeeding. Tell your care giver not to let anyone else feed your baby so that your baby will only get your breast milk.

Your health care giver will examine your baby right after birth, checking appearance and color, reflexes, breathing, heart rate, and activity to see whether your baby needs any special care.

Ask to have your newborn placed beside you in bed. Touch and hold your baby, and get to know how your baby feels.

Your baby may look different from the way you expected. Ask the hospital staff if you have questions about the way your baby looks.

Ask the staff to show you how to take your baby's temperature and read the thermometer.

All infants should be protected against hepatitis B. Some doctors recommend the first shot be given before going home from the hospital.

You should take your baby to see the doctor when your baby is about 1 week old unless you are told to come in sooner. Call your baby's doctor right after your baby is born for an appointment.
Before you and your baby leave the hospital, a few drops of blood will be taken from your baby's heel to check for some rare problems.You will need a car safety seat (marked "federally approved") to bring your baby home. It is the law-your baby must always be in an approved safety seat when traveling in a car, van, or truck. Ask your health care giver, the hospital where you deliver, or health department about programs that loan federally approved car safety seats.If you or the baby's father have any questions about how to pick up, hold, feed, bathe, diaper, or dress your baby, ask the hospital staff to help you. Your new baby needs all of the love and comfort you can give. You cannot love a baby too much. Your entire family can share in the joy of this love.Caring for your baby at home ...Most newborn babies spend most of their time sleeping and eating. You want to make sure that baby has a safe place to sleep and is put to sleep in a safe position.A safe crib will have slats no more than 2 3/8 inches apart and corner posts less than 5/8 inch high above the rails.Baby should sleep on a firm mattress that fits tightly in the crib, cradle or bassinet.Do not put pillows, comforters or other soft padded materials in the bed under the baby.Put healthy infants to sleep on their backs or sides.Keep the sides of crib raised when baby is sleeping in it.Try to keep sleeping newborns away from pets, other children and large overstuffed toys.Don't let people smoke around your baby. Your baby's lungs are delicate. Babies are not as resistant to respiratory infections as their parents.Hopefully these simple tips will help you enjoy your new responsibilities to its fullest and fill your days with joy, not stress.