Friday, November 1, 2013

A Second Baby - A Second Baby Shower - Options to Consider

Some people question whether a second baby shower is appropriate or even needed if the mom had a baby shower for her first baby.Having a second baby can bring an abundance of joy and stress to an expectant mother.Although the etiquette rules change a little for having another baby, a second baby shower is always acceptable.A baby shower is a celebration that brings women and sometimes men together to show their love and support for the new mommy.The most important thing is for the mom to receive the help, love and support she needs to as a new mom.When throwing a second baby shower, there are lots of options to consider. How you throw the baby shower will be determined by a few factors.To find out which kind of second baby shower you should throw, you will need to ask yourself a few questions...1. Is the baby the same gender as the 1st child?Believe it or not, this can make a big difference in how you throw the second baby shower. The gender can determine how much supplies are needed for the new mommy.
If the second baby is the same sex as the first, a smaller shower or theme would be appropriate.If the baby is a different sex than its older sibling, you will need to throw a bigger baby shower to help the mom out.2. How big is the gap between the new baby and its older sibling?The gap will also help determine how big of a baby shower to throw the mommy. If the baby is the same sex and 2 years apart, a small shower would be appropriate. If the baby is 4 years or
more apart from its older sibling, the mother to be will need a lot more supplies.3. What does the new mommy need the most? (She probably would be able to answer this question better than you could.)The difference between having one child and several children can be staggering for a mom who is not prepared for it. It is important as a hostess to look at what the situation will be
like when the new baby is welcomed home. By knowing what is needed, you can help the mom help herself without feeling guilty about it.Is it supplies that she needs, or some alone time to wind down? Does she need a break from the family, or a meal she does not have to prepare? Does she need some help with the
housework, or someone to baby-sit so she can catch up on some needed sleep?After you have answered these questions, you are ready to decide which kind of baby shower to use. Here are three different kinds of baby showers that will work for a second baby.Sprinkle- It is not a full baby shower, just a sprinkle. Just a little sprinkle of gifts is all the mom really needs to welcome her little bundle of joy. Maybe she just needs to restock her supply of baby
items for the next child. By throwing a sprinkle, you can have a celebration for the mom and get the necessities she needs.Full Baby Shower-Throw a normal baby shower if a good amount of supplies are needed for the baby. Adding a theme to your shower will add flavor to the party while giving the mom needed
items. For great theme ideas, visit Activity Theme- Perhaps the mother to be feels like she has everything she needs for the new baby. If this is the case, maybe you can help her prepare for the stresses of motherhood.By using a fun activity theme, you can have a celebration while keeping the baby shower low key.Whether you choose to a have shower, sprinkle or activity, the fact that you are showing your love and support to the mom by throwing a celebration will make all the difference.Copyright © All Rights Reserved.