Friday, November 1, 2013

Baby Photos - Tips and Tricks For the Best Baby Photo

Babies - They Are All Cute and CuddlyEvery baby is cute and can take a great baby photo, but their are some important tips you can use to make a baby's picture turn out as cute as possible. Some of the key tips to think about when taking a baby photo:
Get down to the baby's level, don't shoot from above
Make sure baby has plenty of rest. A tired baby is a crabby baby.
Babies move around a lot and are faster than you think. So make sure that you use high speed film if using a traditional camera for your baby photo, or a digital camera with a fast shutter speed and good image stabilization featuresBaby Photos from the Baby's Point of ViewPhotos look the best when they are full of baby not background. Therefore it is always the best idea to kneel down to the babies level and try to zoom in the camera to take the best possible baby photo. Pictures from up above don't show the baby in the best angle. By kneeling down and looking at the baby as straight on as possible the pictures look more life like and you can zoom in much easier. Also, focusing on the baby with the camera instead of focusing on the background can help to really make the baby "pop" out of the photo.Baby - Cute or Crabby?Babies' moods can change quicker than their diapers! So catching a baby in a good mood can be harder than it may seem. However it is usually worth the wait. Great baby photos are of babies which are smiley or full of mischief. Catching them in the act is trick. Babies aren't uncooperative to spite grown-ups. They usually have a good reason. Children in general and babies especially, tend to act grumpy and temperamental when they are tired, hungry, or bored.Taking photos of a crabby baby can easily be prevented. Make sure to only attempt to take pictures of a well rested, recently fed, entertained baby. You can accomplish this by shooting your baby photos shortly after a meal. Babies first foods make sweet baby photos, as do their creative applications of said food. Bath time is another great photo opportunity. They are certainly entertained and often having a great time. Finding a baby in a good mood isn't always a challenge but having the camera ready when it happens can be.Sleeping babies also make for great pictures. The angelic look on their faces, the odd positions they may be comfortable in, and the fact that they usually won't turn their face or move as soon as a good shot is lined up, makes for very adorable baby photos. These sleeping baby pictures are often parent's favorites and grand parent's favorites as well.Using a Digital CameraDigital cameras can be a great tool for taking baby photos. They make it easier to see exactly what picture was taken. Then the photographer is quickly able to decide if the picture is worth keeping. Additionally taking digital photos, uploading them to the internet and having them made in to photo books can help even the busiest parents make adorable keepsake scrapbooks of all their favorite baby photos. Once the books are ordered all the creative parent need to is add the stickers and other fun decorations, and hours of potential work is turned into an hour of so of fun.Spending your time playing with baby, and trying to make sure baby is having a fun time, will lead to the cutest baby pics. You can be assured that your baby will almost always be doing something that you will want to capture, so it is extremely important to try to keep your camera with you all the time. Remember that the best and cutest baby photo opportunities will come when you least expect it. So enjoy your baby and enjoy your baby photos!