Friday, November 1, 2013

How To Pick Out The Best Baby Sling

Have you ever tried to get grocery shopping done with a crying baby in your arms or tried to manage your upset child while cleaning the house? If so you know how difficult it can be to accomplish anything when your baby needs nothing more than to be held. This is why so many parents are taking advantage of using a baby sling. It is a way to carry your little one around while still allowing you to use both of your hands for other things.With so many different models available it can be very difficult to decide which one will work best for you. The first thing to think about when looking at baby sling models is how much you will be using it and for what? For example, are you planning on using the baby sling on a daily basis and for more than thirty minutes each time? If so, you are going to need one of the top models. My favorite is the Baby Bjorn. This is the best option for high use because it will support your back and will outlast all other models. Other models can start to hurt your back after a short amount of time.If you don't plan on using your sling on a daily basis or at great lengths of time, you can get away with getting something other than the Baby Bjorn. Since the Bjorn typically costs about $80, you could put the money you save from the other model toward other things for your baby.Other things to consider when choosing a baby sling are the size of your baby and the baby's behavior. A baby that is colicky may do best in a higher end sling for babies. For babies that are typically well-behaved you will have more options to choose from. Consider the size of your baby when choosing the right sling. Each baby sling has weight requirements. If you have a preemie, you will need something that can accommodate a baby that small. If you want to use the baby sling as the baby grows, you will need a model that adjusts to older and heavier babies.Baby slings also come in different styles to choose from. You can get a typical baby sling that looks like a sling you would use for a broken arm or you can get a one that looks more like a back pack worn on the chest. Some can actually be worn on the back also, but that is for when the baby gets a little older.There are a number of baby sling brands to consider, so it helps to do a little research. You may also come across some models that have been marked down on certain websites or by visiting auction websites you may find some great deals.