Friday, November 1, 2013

Baby Slings - The Importance of Keeping Baby Close

Baby sling carriers have been used throughout history in different countries and cultures all over the world. Mothers have been using them for ages to keep their babies close them allowing them to complete their chores. Wearing a baby sling reinforces a strong bond between mother and child. During recent years slings have become more popular and trendy, offering all kinds of benefits to moms and babies.One of the big benefits to using a baby sling is the baby will cry less. Babies usually cry for only two reasons: they need something or they want attention. Having the baby close to mom will keep him from becoming lonely. Since mom is so close, her little one will feel more secure. Additionally, mom is more in tune with her baby's needs and will be able to respond quickly. Wearing the baby lowers the baby's need to cry.Another benefit to keeping baby close is learning. Baby will observe mom's conversations and possibly pick up language more quickly. The sound of mom's voice is also soothing for the baby since that is the first voice baby hears in utero.The baby will transition better to the real world. Wearing the baby is like an extension of the womb; the baby's once safe haven. For nine months the mom's little bundle was with her 24/7. Western civilization tends to abruptly want to remove baby from mom's safety after birth. We put them in a vast crib, away from the comfort of mom (and parents wonder why their little one has trouble sleeping alone). Keeping baby close by provides the much needed security to the infant while he gets used to the environment much sooner. Mom and baby bond more and the baby has a greater sense of security.Nursing mothers will find that using a sling will simplify feedings. While in the sling, baby is already positioned for feeding. Slings allow nursing to be more discreet, since public nursing is not as widely accepted in the Western World. Additionally, mom has her hands free to catch up on some reading or changing the television channel while her little one winds down.With a new baby, so many chores and other things get left undone because the baby needs constant care and attention. Wearing the baby will free up more time for mom to do many things around the home, like folding the laundry, doing the dishes, or tidying up the home. Free hands are especially needed if there is another small child that needs to be cared for. Mom will be free to do leisure activities like reading a book or magazine, surfing the internet, or completing the baby's album.There are different types of baby slings which allow for the baby to be carried on the front or back as well as a baby hip sling, each allowing for a parent's own preference. Baby slings come in all kind of colors, but no matter what baby sling pattern you choose, most moms agree, keeping baby close by definitely has its benefits.