Friday, November 1, 2013

Baby Skin Care to Keep Your Baby Looking Healthy

There are so many things that you need to remember when keeping your baby clean and looking healthy. To protect their sensitive skin you need to stick with gentle baby soap products unless instructed otherwise by your pediatrician. Even though you don't want to use soap on the face of your baby, you do need to be careful to keep their face clean using wet cotton balls. For all the many baby skin care techniques make sure to speak to a nurse at the hospital when your baby is born or do some research online.When managing baby skin care, you always want to be careful to avoid anything that could potentially irritate their skin. Most adult products use harsh chemicals that can damage the sensitive skin of babies. The safest baby brand is Johnson and Johnson. If considering other brands, make sure to check the ingredients even if it is made for babies. Sometimes you can even find all-natural baby products.If you ever notice that your baby has very dry, irritated skin, your baby may have eczema. This is something that you need to talk to the pediatrician about because they may have some special baby skin care products to recommend. Often people have eczema as babies and then they grow out of it as they get older. Many times the best way to treat dry skin is to use either baby lotion or baby oil twice daily. With my daughter, we use baby oil after baths and baby lotion every time she changes clothes.In dealing with baby skin care nearly every baby will experience diaper rashes. There are so many diaper rash formulas to choose from that it can be difficult to know which one to buy. Since you will likely be given a lot of samples of different diaper rash formulas I recommend trying each of them. Try one product for a few days before switching to the next one. That way if your baby has a bad reaction, you will know which product it was. Each baby will react differently to different products. Fortunately since diaper rash formulas can get expensive, you can find store brands that work just as well as other brands.Another way to manage baby skin care is to carefully choose laundry detergents. Most doctors recommend that you use Dreft or a similar brand for the first few months. Later on you can try exposing your baby to clothes washed in other brands, but keep a close eye on your baby to check for any bad reactions.No matter what kind of baby skin care you use, make sure that your baby doesn't have a poor reaction to it. If you ever have any concern about your baby's skin care, call your pediatrician for advice or research online for recommendations for sensitive skin care.