Friday, November 1, 2013

Unique Newborn Gift Idea - Ban Baby Shower Blues With Ideas For A Newborn Baby

A unique newborn gift idea, given with thoughtfulness and a generous spirit, often becomes a life-saver for frazzled new parents and a mom still struggling to recover after the pregnancy. So often this whole new adventure can seem daunting and overwhelming during the first few weeks of the newborn baby's life. Taking care when choosing a unique newborn gift idea may enable you to give something that will lighten the load, entertain the newborn infant for hours on end, or create a treasured keepsake such as a baby footprint or handprint.Baby Will Love Cloud B's Animal-theme Unique Newborn Gift IdeaThis scary, strange new world will feel just that bit better with a fluffy Sleep Sheep friend. This cuddly creature by Cloud B's baby sleep experts, hugs a sound box with tranquil nature sounds and mom's reassuring heart beat in the background. This unique newborn gift idea will shoo away scary night time noises and replace them with calming, recognizable sounds that will help the newborn infant to let the Sandman in.Your baby gift idea comes with the sound of spring showers, mesmerizing ocean surf and delightful whale songs. The fluffy sheep fastens with velcro to the crib or cot bed, keeping it close by. After 23 minutes it switches off automatically.Unique Newborn Baby Gift - Stimulate Baby Vision With Infant Stim-MobileThe Wimmer Ferguson Manhatten Baby, with more than four decades of infant vision research, has become synonymous with quality baby goodies. In the Infant Stim-Mobile they have a unique newborn gift idea that will provide hours of entertainment for any newborn infant. Simple and complex graphics give a newborn baby the opportunity to focus on areas where light and dark come together. The graphic cards are cleverly reversible, allowing parents to create new, interesting variations of the patterns as the baby develops.This award winning unique newborn gift idea comes with 10 black and white cards, and the sturdy, upright stand. The set now also includes bold color cards to brighten things up. Any baby will benefit from the scanning, focusing, tracking and orienting eye activities.Baby Discovers Reading With Double Sided First Book As Unique Newborn Gift IdeaThis is a clever baby shower or newborn gift idea. The ordinary crib bumper becomes baby's first introduction to reading. The Infant-Stim Tiny Love Crib Bumper Panel and Book is reversible, bright and colorful. Change tummy-time niggles into a time of visual stimulation and delight with this unique newborn gift idea.A newborn infant will benefit from the high-contrast black, white and red illustrations. Three to six month old babies will adore the reverse side with more complex three dimensional figures and activities. The proximity of this colorful display encourages neck and shoulder exercise and movement. The bumper-book can also be used in a baby stroller or playpen.Wrapping A Baby In Love With A Fluffy Unique Newborn Gift IdeaContribute a beloved keepsake by giving one of the many soft baby blankets as your unique newborn gift idea. If you find a way to transform it into a uniquely personalized baby blanket, so much the better. A pinwheel weave baby blanket always looks and feels great. These 100% cotton receiving blankets made by such folk as the skilled artisans of Churchill Weavers in Berea Kentucky, are machine washable and kind to delicate baby skins. A wide variety of colors are available.A Gund Comfy Cozy Puppy Makes A Delightfully Unique Newborn Gift IdeaThese adorable security blankies will be taken everywhere. The softest plush that begs to be hugged comes with a cute puppy character. All the embroidered begging eyes ask for, is lots of love and cuddles. The underside or this unique newborn baby gift idea comes with satin pads. The puppy ears are made for chewing and gnawing. The Gund Comfy Cozy Puppy is machine washable. It comes in many other character variations. This will always be a comforting gift idea for a newborn baby.Unique Newborn Gift Idea - White Noise Helps Parents Survive And Soothes BabyWhite noise is a sound frequency that sounds like a 'hiss', similar to radio static or ocean sounds. The creators of a white noise sound CD series, generates white noise by adjusting sound frequencies until they have a soothing sound signal that can be used for sleep and relaxation. The full frequency spectrum used in this case is the reason behind its success. This technique can be used very effectively for newborns and adults alike. With these unique sets of CD's at home, you don't need a white noise machine.Especially colicky kids or babies with infant acid reflux will benefit from this unique newborn gift idea.Choose the New Baby 8 CD gift pack to give a restless little one (and his or her exhausted parents!) blissful sleep and relaxation. The set includes:
Night Night Time - Soothing lullaby melodies against a background of mom's heartbeat

Baby By The Sea - Let ocean waves lull the infant gently to sleep.

Baby By The Brook - Nurturing nature sounds and lullabies bring sleep on.

Sing-A-Long Lullabies - Moms and babies alike enjoy this bonding CD.

Baby's First PWN - Soft, calming white noise sounds for newborns.

Baby's Fan - The mesmerizing purr of a fan takes baby softly into sleep.

Baby's Vacuum Cleaner - The white noise frequencies of a vacuum cleaner are very popular with newborns.

Baby's Blow Dryer - Blow a fussy baby's mind with the white noise from a hair dryer.

Also available as a unique newborn gift idea, is the New Parent Survival Pack. These CD's include sounds like rain, pure white noise, waves, lullaby songs, and bubbling brooks.Tiny Baby Footprints And Handprint Kits In Clay With Unique Newborn Gift IdeaAnother winner in a newborn baby gift basket is a baby handprint or baby footprint kit. One option is a clay keepsake baby handprint kit. This unique newborn baby gift idea will enable parents to create treasured keepsakes for themselves, grandparents and other family members. Use a heart clay tile and follow the instructions to create a perfect baby footprint of your newborn's tiny feet. The self-drying Mexican pottery clay makes it really easy to create numerous baby footprint keepsakes and baby handprint memento's. Or opt for the Angel Baby Handprint Kit or an adorable Teddy Bear Baby Footprint KitAlways remember the other siblings in the family and take along something special for them as well. Chosen with care, your unique newborn gift idea can bring pleasure and happy memories for years to come.