Friday, November 1, 2013

Baby Sleeping Tips - Easy Remedies For Baby Sleep Problems

Are there evenings when you feel that your baby's sleeping patterns will never be regulated? Can you imagine a time when your baby will sleep long enough for the two of you to feel refreshed and rested? Parents know that there is no way to avoid the occasional night in the nursery rocker, but how can we keep those nights with baby sleeping very little or not at all to a bare minimum?A common question that new parents ask is, "How long will it be before we can get baby sleeping on a schedule?" or "When will we be able to sleep through the night without waking up a dozen times?" Does this sound like you on your last visit to the pediatrician? Some lucky parents brag that they have never been plagued with sleep problems at all but the answer to those common questions according to the experts is that the average time when babies start sleeping through the night is a year or so.When you are sleep deprived and can hardly keep your eyes open the last thing you want to hear is that you will have to wait a year or more for relief. Some desperate moms have even questioned why there are sleeping pills for grownups and no baby sleeping aids or remedies. I believe in the natural approach to parenting whenever possible, but I have to admit succumbing to panic due to exhaustion myself. However, I knew that I needed methods to help my baby sleep naturally. In my search I found a few things that worked and I am more than happy to share my methods with you.The first lesson may be easiest and yet the most important: don't wait until a few minutes before bedtime to start fretting about how to get baby to sleep. I found that the best way to get an infant to sleep at night starts with a routine that's put into practice as early as possible.(1. Design the nursery to be an ideal sleep environment. Create a space that can be darkened easily through the use of room darkening window treatments.(2. Locate the nursery in a quiet part of your home and have some method of creating white noise to block out street traffic and household chatter.(3. Take time to read the telltale signs that your baby is sleepy. When baby gets fussy or when your see the eyelids droop, stop what you are doing and kick off the bedtime routine. Don't miss this opportunity or you may regret it. Babies can go from the drowsy stage to hyperactive, unhappy creatures with a second wind in record time. If there ever was an instance in parenting when timing is important, this could be it.Every mother's process for relaxing her baby is unique, there is no definite set of rules for what should be involved. Whatever your baby sleeping routine works out to be; stick to it. Try not to vary from it from day to day. The best way to an ideal baby sleep routine, relies on mom having a routine.
You will have a calmer and more confident child if you are so predictable that baby always knows exactly what happens next.(4. Stick closely to a schedule. Have a certain time that you dress baby for the crib. A mother whose newborn had an erratic sleeping pattern shared with me that she stuck to a rigid routine for over a week and almost crumbled more than once. Then almost magically the baby began to respond and started to stick with an early bedtime.(5. If baby seems unhappy or fussy, many mothers have had excellent results with baby slings. It makes sense that some babies need some time to adjust to the world. These sensitive souls miss the motion of your body and feeling close to you at all times. Perhaps the use of a sling will get you through this period of adjustment and allow you to get a few chores done while you're at it.(6. Another way to ease baby into our strange world is with white noise. There are white noise machines that closely mimic the sounds that are common in your womb, but if your budget is tight a table fan may do the trick.(7. How many nights have we put our little ones to sleep only to have them get wide awake, when they feel the change in temperature from our arms to the cold crib sheet? A solution to this baby sleep problem is to put a warm water bottle inside the baby's bed as part of your bedtime routine. When the time comes for you to put baby into her crib, remove the water bottle and slip baby into the warm and cozy crib.The list of baby sleeping tips could go on and on. What works for one baby might not produce results with another. However, calm, loving persistence and repetition will be the basic building blocks for developing your newborn's regular sleeping patterns that will relax her and let both of you start sleeping like a baby.Disclaimer: This article is strictly for informational purposes only. It should not replace medical advice from your pediatrician or chosen professional. You should always make choices on the advice of your chosen professional in matters concerning your baby's health and safety.