Thursday, October 31, 2013

Why Can a Kid's Corner Influence Your Restaurant/Snack Bottom Line Significantly?

Why can a kid's corner influence your restaurant bottom line significantly?Discover 4 top benefits of a kid's play area for your restaurantAs a restaurant owner or manager, your daily priority is to bring more people in to increase your bottom line.You are evolving in a very competitive sector where you need to innovate all the time. Maybe one strategy you didn't think about yet is to create a kids corner or kids play area in your restaurant.Most of you react at first with comments such as: "why should I make such an Are you seeing this unnecessary investment and lose valuable sitting space?; let's analyze together some of the benefits, you might change your mind!Benefit #1: PARENTS ARE MORE RELAXED AND HAVE MORE TIME TO CONSUME WHEN YOUR RESTAURANT HAS A KIDS PLAY ZONEWhy is this key to your restaurant success?Well, parents enjoying themselves in a relax atmosphere (while kids are playing NICELY in the kids' play area) are more likely to order a dessert, an extra drink, or both. Plus, having a great experience increases the chance of recurrent visits.Results expected: an increase of your revenue per customer and recurrent customersBenefit # 2: KIDS ARE HAPPY, ENTERTAINED AND HAVE A GREAT TIME, PLAYING IN YOUR KIDS CORNER, ESPECIALLY DURING WAITING TIME!How that benefits you?Well it does in many ways:
Even your best cook or waitress can do nothing against a child acting up. A kids corner will help prevent these situations creating a calmer atmosphere in your restaurant.
It delivers also better working environment for your staff,
Kids are having fun will become your fans and will spread the word like wild fire about your restaurant and its fun kids' corner.
Kids have great influence on where their parents take them. You'll become their preferred location.
Results expected: More clients through mouth-to-ear, and once again returning happy guests.Benefit # 3: THE ATTRACTION OF A NEW GROUP OF CUSTOMERSBy creating a kids friendly image for your restaurant or snack with a kids corner, you will start to attract a new customer base composed of young couples wanting to go out with their kids.Your restaurant will become the place of choice to socialize with other young parents having a drink and a bite while kids are playing in the kids' corner.Even for single parent in search of some quality time with their kids, you will be the location coming to mind, where they can share a meal and ice cream and where the kids want to go for fun.Result: Gain of new customers.Benefit # 4: CREATION OF NEW OPPORTUNITIESWith the integration of a fun kids' corner, you will be seen as the prefect location for birthday parties, communions or company outings allowing you to generate extra income during low attendance period and quiet days.Result: creation of new sources of income.So as you see, after really looking into it, integrating a kid's corner into your restaurant might in fact be a very affordable and interesting investment with strong ROI. Some good food for thoughts!