Friday, November 1, 2013

How To Find Kids Eat Free Nights in Your City

Who said "There's no such thing as a free lunch?" It's not true - at least, not if you are a kid! Better yet it's dinner and they call it Kids Eat Free (or at least Really Cheap Anyways). That's good news for parents of picky eaters and kids that eat, and eat (and eat!). From national restaurants chains to mom and pops all across the U.S. more and more Kids Eat Free menus are popping up.Kids meal promotions will run on various days of the week which is nice because there is usually something every night of the week. Many restaurants will use their less busy days (i.e. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday). The following guidelines should help give you a better understanding of how your kids can eat for FREE:Not all franchises require their franchisees to follow specific operating guidelines. You might find that one national restaurant in your area runs the promotion while others do not. It's always best to call before making big plans.
Most kid's nights will run during the week. The best day seems to be Tuesday, although you should be able to find a restaurant for every day of the week.
Check to see how many kids can eat with each paying adult. Usually it will be one to two children per adult entrée.
Be sure to ask the age limit. At many restaurants, children are considered to be ages 10 and under. At other restaurants you will find that it is 12-13 years old (but don't tell your tweens that).
Check to see if the restaurant has a specific time for the offer. Some eateries will run kids meal deals all day, while others are just dinner hours.Examples of where you might find a kids night deal in your area include Monday night at Quaker Steak and Lube, Back Yard Burgers or Ihop; Tuesday night at Beef O' Brady's, Denny's or Lonestar; Wednesday night at Damon's, Luby's; Thursday night at KC Masterpiece. Friday night at The American Café; Saturday night Denny's and Sunday check Planet Sub, Hooters and Salsaritas.Some restaurants run their Kid's Eat Free night a little different. They aren't free but you will be able to order from the kid's menu at a discount. Generally the prices are between $.99 and $1.99. One of the favorites is Golden Corral Buffet which runs their Kids Eat Cheap night on Tuesday. Kids eat for $1.99 and little ones 3 and under eat free. Buffalo Wild Wings offers a $.99 Kid's Menu on Monday's, and Picadilly's has kid's meals on Saturday's that range from $.99-$1.99.This is just a small sample of restaurants that offer Kids Eat Free menus throughout the week.